3 Ways to Easily Make Extra Money While at Home for Young Moms

3 Ways to Easily Make Extra Money While at Home for Young Moms
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    Having a family is such an exciting moment for all mamas - your toddler playing around, newborn sleeping.

    Watching them grow is more important than anything else for you.


But, building a family is expensive, especially if you don’t have any savings for them.

Although you’re a mom and you want to take care of kids full time, there are some ways that you can use your time while your kids are in bed. Yes, you can make money. Here’s how.

1. Rent Your Car

Having children or a newborn baby means that you won’t be going out as much as you like. Sure, you’ll use your car to go to a store or doctor’s visit but, but you won’t be using it after that. Before leaving your vehicle parked in the driveway all the time, you can make some money off it.

Some companies let you rent out your car, like “Turo,” and you can rent it out for a day, week, or even a month for those people who need a vehicle for temporary use only.

You can set your own price, or the company will set it for you. If someone is interested in renting it, you’ll get 65% to 85% of the price; it will also depend on you and which package you choose for the vehicle’s protection.

Apart from that, you can also set the mileage limit of your car, and you don’t need to worry about your protection because you’re already protected with $1 million in liability insurance.

For example, if someone rents your car out for just a week or even eight days every month, you could make $206 or more in a month. That would be very great!

If you have more than one car, then you could probably make $380 every 15 days a month. That’s really possible if you’re staying at home every day.

Make sure you check with your auto insurance company to provide maximum collision and liability protection before renting out your vehicle.

2. Sell Unwanted Clothes

Perhaps you bought a lot of clothes for yourself or your babies, and it doesn’t fit anymore. So why not sell them?

There are a ton of social media sites that you can use for selling your old clothes like Facebook groups, or you can create a page for your items and share them with other groups.

You can also sell your clothes directly to your customers (VarageSale, for example) and make big profits on it. However, when you post your items online, you have to be sure that all of them are in good condition. Also, they need to include high-quality photos and details to ensure that your items are clickable for buyers.

other valuable tips:

3. Test Websites

One of the easiest ways to make cash while sitting on your couch is by testing websites. There are companies, who are willing to pay you for your thoughts, such as Facebook, Adobe, Apple, and they want to know what users like you think of their homepages.

They also have a third-party service like “UserTesting” it will allow you to visit websites and give an opinion on every assigned task. Then, after completing your task, you’ll get paid at least $10 for 20 minutes of watching a video. After an hour of watching the complete video, you’ll make at least $30 for browsing the internet, which you’d probably be doing in your spare time.

Having a family is already expensive. But, as a mom who wants to take care of her kids fully, this strategy can help you cover the cost of your diapers and groceries.

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