5 Things To Do Before Digging a Foundation for a Home

5 Things To Do Before Digging a Foundation for a Home
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    There are a few things to do before digging a foundation for a home, and failing to do them could mean your construction project being rejected, put on hold, or stopped midway through.


It is essential to follow these guidelines for a smooth project with the best outcomes. Eliminate potential obstacles first before breaking ground to guarantee construction success.

Survey the Property

Before you begin building a home for your client, you must survey the property you will be building on. Doing this prevents mistakes you could run into down the road that will cost your company and your client extra money.

One of the most important aspects of surveying the property is ensuring you will not infringe on another resident’s property line. Minimize disputes over the land and the property line as quickly as possible so it doesn’t affect your project timeline.

This is also a great time to determine if the land is in a hazardous flood area or if the owner will ever find future problems with the land.

Things To Check Before Excavation

Before preparing the site, you must inspect all manholes and cleanouts for damage and mark them appropriately. The weather forecast is also a major factor; you never want to break ground when it is about to rain.

If you’re building in a colder climate, contemplate your strategies for blocking the ground from freezing over.

Prepare the Site

Now is the time for your employees to start removing bushes, trees, and other debris that will obstruct the construction. Test the soil to determine its workability and how much weight it can hold.

Start your plan design and map out where the utilities will go underground. Prepare for any mishaps you can run into down the road and how you can solve them.

Preparing your team is vital to the success of this project, and if everyone is not on the same page, it creates the perfect concoction for disaster to occur. An additional preparation your team can make is determining the proper construction equipment needed to build the home, like foundation drilling rigs.

Familiarize the Crew With City Building Codes

Depending on what city you are doing the construction in, you will have to follow various codes. These ordinances must be followed, or you risk the closure of your project.

Building codes typically require things like smoke alarms, emergency exits, and window wells. All codes are different depending on where the property is in the city.

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Establish Your Utility Lines

It is vital that you map out where the utility lines will go in the project so that you can build the foundation around them. If they are not already present, know precisely where the water, gas, and power lines will go.

These components are needed to make a functional home, and forgetting this step could ruin the entire excavation. You must perform the above tasks before digging a foundation for a home.

Ensure the construction goes off without a hitch—otherwise, the project will crash and fail. Configure a plan in a timely manner, and be thorough about combing through the details to prepare your team better.

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