Up in Flames: 5 Tips to Protecting Your Business Assets from Fire

Up in Flames: 5 Tips to Protecting Your Business Assets from Fire
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    Imagine receiving a call from a neighboring business owner in the early morning hours, there’s been a fire and the future of your business has been jeopardized.


Or, imagine it’s the middle of the day when a fire starts in the employee break room and threatens to trap employees from the escape stairwell. All too often protecting our business assets from fire is an afterthought that occurs to us only after we’ve already endured some measure of loss and regret. Take ownership of your responsibility to timely protect your business assets and take the necessary steps with the following five tips.

1: Communication Gives a Plan Value

Communicate your plan for protecting your business assets to employees and other stakeholders when appropriate. A plan is just an idea until it’s communicated and planned to follow. Share the relevant information and knowledge gained with your staff and be open to hearing concerns of your employees. Their front line prospective can be uniquely invaluable and spot overlooked weaknesses in a plan.

2: Early Detection and Response

Invest in an advanced fire alarm control system as well as manual alarm levers and securely stored fire hydrants in indoor and outdoor high risk and convenient access locations to ensure a fire can be detected and responded to as soon as possible. Having the appropriate equipment in place is essential to making an adequate plan possible.

3: Stay Up to Date

Have your fire hydrants and other fire prevention and response equipment serviced regularly per their specifications and maintenance them immediately at any sign of damage or malfunction. Update your plans as your business grows and changes over time. And re-communicate plans if they change and as employee turnover naturally happens.

4: Talk to your Neighbors

We can take all the precautions necessary to protect our business assets from the inside out, but it can end up being a fire that began in a neighboring business that becomes the culprit. To avoid being blindsided by the effects of another’s poor planning or ineffective equipment, talk to your neighbors before and during your business’s residency. It provides an opportunity to protect your business from the outside in with planning and equipment that considers these outside factors.

5: Partner with an Expert

Trusted and experienced, Terminal City Iron Works Ltd. is an industry leader that can team up with you to protect your business assets with the equipment, resources and knowledge needed. Partnering with their expert services will ensure pit falls and pinch points aren’t overlooked and your time and money is most effectively invested.

Protecting your business assets from fire requires planning, resources, knowledge, communication and action. Practicing the five tips outlined here could one day protect irreplaceable documents and prevent thousands of dollars in damages, or more importantly, it could be the difference in lives saved and the future operations of your business.



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