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Protect Confidential Information: Six Solutions For Your Business

Protect Confidential Information: Six Solutions For Your Business
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    The most important aspect of your business in the digital age is your intellectual property.

    However, you must also protect the physical property as well.


Here are six ways that you can protect your proprietary information from competitors and hackers.

Choosing The Right Web Host

The right web host will have security features such as tiered password structures, multiple layers of encryption and mirrored sites to keep your data safe. Be sure that you are using at least a virtual private server. If it is at all possible, use a fully dedicated server for the best security.

Keeping Copies of Records

Your proprietary information should be written on paper in a physical file as well as in a computer. This way if your information is packed online, you will still have a physical copy from which to create it again.

Shredding Old Records

All documents that have no relevance to in the present or the future should be shredded. This is a job for professional unless you have a staff member that is trusted enough to shred all of the sensitive documents without leaking any information. Be sure that you do not shred tax records unless they are at least 10 years old.

Utilizing a Professional Security Service

Hackers can break into the records of a company using a TIN in the same way that personal records are broken into using a social security number. Remember that businesses are seen as separate people in the eyes of the law. Take the same precautions with a professional third-party security company that you would with your own personal records.

Physical Security

You can protect your data in the digital world is much as you like. However, if you do not also have physical security, then someone can steal everything that you have the old-fashioned way. Be sure that your office space has cameras pointing at all computers and important file cabinets. If you can afford physical security during the off hours of your office, that is one of the best investments that you can make in your business in the modern era.

The Right Co-located Server

Be sure that you have a co-located server that is in an area with a consistent temperature. There should also be physical security protecting the actual server that you use.

It may seem expensive to follow the tips above, however, protecting your proprietary information is definitely an important part of creating profits for your business. Make the investment now so that you do not have to pay a higher cost later.

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