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Why You Want to Sell Directly to Amazon

Why You Want to Sell Directly to Amazon


Amazon is easily the best e-tailer in the Western world at the moment, and while selling your product as a third party marketplace vendor can be a profitable venture, receiving Vendor status and selling direct to Amazon is what you should be shooting for.

Although you may not have the same product control you would when selling through the Amazon Marketplace, you also do not have to worry about shipping to individual customers, post purchase issues and several other menial/clerical tasks that will eat up your employees time.

Becoming a direct Amazon vendor SHOULD increase sales, through two simple additions to your listing.

1. “Prime Shipping”

I am an avid Amazon shopper, and I want the items I purchased to be delivered to me quickly, preferably at no extra cost to me.

2. “Shipped and Sold by Amazon”

This simple phrase puts potential customers at ease knowing that there is an established company (Amazon) backing this product. When a customer sees this phrase they feel much more comfortable spending their hard earned dollars.

**Pro Tip – Make sure you have a solid pricing structure as Amazon has shown to be an aggressive player in the market, this can quickly lead to unhappy customers.

The above are just two examples of how becoming an Amazon Direct Vendor will increase sales, there are many other metrics that “Vendor Central” will supply such as sell through reports, forecasts, return rates, shipping times, etc. Traditionally retailers in my experience do not offer this kind of data unless requested. Amazon wants your product to sell, and they give you all the tools for you to succeed.

So how do you become a Direct Amazon supplier? Easy, well kind of. It may take up to three months of polite emails to get a response and invitation to Vendor Central US (their supplier portal, where you’ll find all the metrics and data I mentioned above), but as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you Google "Vendor Central" click the first result and scroll to the bottom third of the page, to your left you will find a link “How do I become an Amazon Vendor?” Alternatively, your best bet would be to get a hold of an Amazon buyer via phone, email, or referral.

So what are you waiting for? Amazon will be at the forefront of online shopping for years to come and is growing worldwide. Your best bet is to get your ducks in a row and hop aboard the train.



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