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3 Farming Tips to Save Money

3 Farming Tips to Save Money
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    Running a successful farm can be an expensive business.

    Like any other type of business, owners need to occasionally look for ways to cut back on expenses and wasted materials to save some money.


Thankfully, there are many ways in which a farmer can save a little extra money on their day-to-day tasks. Below are three tips to get the savings started. 

Upgrade Irrigation Technology

A simple upgrade to your farm’s irrigation technology can save a lot of money over time. Newer technology is more water-conserving and user-friendly. Taking the time to upgrade your old, broken or outdated irrigation system can not only save money by conserving water, it can also help you save time with a more simplified device programming. If you are not sure if your farm can benefit from upgraded irrigation technology, then you could hire a company to conduct a water audit test to check the efficiency of your current irrigation system.


Drones are not just a toy for hobbyists anymore. There are many uses for them that can save even farmers a lot of money. Farmers with many acres of crops can use drones to keep an eye on their harvests more quickly and efficiently. The drones can be used to spot disease and other problems faster to be able to treat the problems before they spread. The drones can also help to tailor the amount of water, pesticides and fertilizer needed. If a farmer has livestock roaming around on their property, a drone is also a great way to keep a close eye on them without spending time, money and energy having to physically go check on them each day. 


Farmers can also save a lot of money through switching to energy-efficient lighting. Using energy-efficient lights can help farms reduce the cost of electricity and be managed in a more sustainable way. Cost-effective lighting can improve safety and productivity, thus reducing the farm’s operating costs. You could conduct an energy audit to find where you can save the most money by switching to energy-efficient lighting choices. 

With a little research and due diligence, any farmer can find a multitude of ways to save money. While many of these ways will depend on the kind of farm setup and operation you have, and some of the options may cost a little more in upfront costs, the savings will far outweigh those initial costs over time.



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