How to Effectively Grow Your Project Management Business and Find New Clients

How to Effectively Grow Your Project Management Business and Find New Clients
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    Starting out in the project management field is an exciting time, but it is also usually quite challenging.

    There's no secret that there is a lot of competition out there, and you'll most likely be just one of many companies placing bids on jobs.


Once you land those first few clients it’s a pretty big deal, and definitely worthy of celebration. As time goes on, however, you may find that you’re ready to grow your business further and take on additional clients. Wanting more clients and landing more clients are two totally different things though.

Here are some tips you can use that are meant to help you grow your project management business and find additional clients.

Rely on Your Formal Training

As a project manager, it’s time to rely on your formal education that you would have gotten when obtaining your masters in project and program management degree at a prestigious school such as Brandeis University. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to actually go back to some of your notes and books that you used in your online MSMPP program and brush up on the skills.

While you’re working in the field, it’s only natural that some of those lessons fade away, but here’s the thing: the knowledge that you learned in school will help you to provide a cutting edge over the competition. Refreshing yourself on common practices, leadership skills, and effective communication skills can certainly benefit your business.

Work on Establishing Yourself as an Expert in One Area

A big part of landing new clients is to edge out the competition and what better way to do that than to become an expert in a particular area. It can prove to be quite beneficial for you to specialize in one industry as far as projects go, as this will help you to build a name and reputation for yourself. The goal is to gain a monopoly in that particular industry. Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t take clients outside of that specialty area; it just means that majority of your work should be in that specialty.

Make Sure You are Meeting all Your Goals and Objectives

Word of mouth is a popular form of advertising, so you want to be sure that when your clients talk about you they are discussing you and your work skills in a positive manner. The best way to ensure this happens is to make sure you are meeting your goals and objectives with each of your clients. These need to be communicated very clearly at the beginning of the project, and then it’s important you hit your milestones as the project proceeds.

It can also be helpful to ask for feedback from the client along the way, just to be sure you’re satisfying all their expectations.

Growth Takes Time

Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind is that growth takes time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen overnight, but the more consistent you are with your efforts, the faster they will pay off.



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