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Marketing Tips – 9 Ways to Keep in Mind of the Competition

Marketing Tips – 9 Ways to Keep in Mind of the Competition
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    Before marketing your business it is important to know what types of products you'll market and who your customers are.

    And how you will market your business.


Doing business isn’t easy these days, especially if you have many competitors around you. As a business, it’s also important to maintain your position in the market. The competitors will always exist no matter what business you’re going to market.

Follow these 9 marketing tips to determine your position in the marketplace:

  • 1: What is Your Competition Doing?

    The best way to beat your competition is to find out what are they offering the customer. And it also is a good idea to find out what their weaknesses and strengths are. That way you have the chance to make your platform different.

  • 2: Know Your Customer

    It’s important to know your customers expectations. Knowing their expectations can give you ideas on how to market your business to them. Is it affordable price, more flexibility or premium service that they’re after?

  • 3: Keep Your Strategy Different

    Know want your customers want, and give them a wonderful reason why they will come to you instead of going to your competitors.

    But, before that you have be clear to your customers about what benefits you offer them. That way they will not ask you “why would I choose you and what makes you different?”

  • 4: Introduce Yourself

    If you want to be well-known, make an effort to tell people who you are by creating a personal blog, or make a video about yourself and tell them what you’re offering and why they should buy from you.

  • 5: Update Your Image

    To make your business inviting and convincing to your customer, make sure that your business card, social media presence, and your product images are attractive. It’s essential to show them how much effort you’ve made to market your business.

  • 6: Improve Your Customer Service

    As a business, you have to know why you’re losing customers. You may have done everything that you can, but the question is why they are gone?

    It could be because you are not being responsive to their needs and expectations. So, make sure you have the time to reply to them immediately.

  • 7: Increase Your Customers

    Increasing your potential customers can be very challenging. However, if you know how to target a new market then spread your risk. Try selling your product online or nationwide. Many people have done this idea by selling overseas.

  • 8: Offer Varieties of Product

    You can sell or offer different products to your customer, this way your customer might like your store.

other valuable tips:
  • 9: Impress Your Customer

    Attract customers by showing that you’re a good employer, skilled, or flexible worker. These things mean a lot because customers always notice if you’re easy to deal with.


Follow these step-by-step marketing tips and you’ll be able to market your business without worrying too much about your competition. Keep all of these tips in mind. Try to ask your customers what they like and dislike about your product to see what improvements you need to follow up on.

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