Industries That Couldn’t Work Without EMI Shielding

Industries That Couldn’t Work Without EMI Shielding
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    Even if you’ve never heard of electromagnetic interference (EMI) or EMI shielding, you may be surprised to learn that it profoundly affects your daily life.

    Our explainer will break down what you should know about EMI and the industries that couldn’t work without EMI shielding.


What Is EMI?

Before we get into the applications for EMI shielding, let’s consider how we define EMI. EMI is the unwanted noise or interference from magnetism upon an electrical circuit from an outside source.

Some also refer to EMI as “radio frequency interference,” but it’s not exclusive to radios and can affect all electronic devices or anything with a circuit. EMI can result in electronic devices malfunctioning or failing.

What Causes EMI?

Experts typically categorize EMI sources into two types: natural and human-made. Human-made EMI is much more common due to the relationship between electricity and magnetism in electronic devices.

An electrical flow causes a small magnetic field. This field can disrupt the circuits and flow of another electrical device. And as electrical devices become more powerful, faster, and more tightly packed, they’re more susceptible to EMI.

What Is EMI Shielding?

How do our electronic devices work every day with minimal problems despite the dangers of EMI? Thanks to EMI shielding, manufacturing techniques, and materials that protect electronic signals and circuits.

EMI shielding works in two ways: preventing EMI from escaping devices and blocking signals from entering. Perhaps the most common application of EMI shielding comes from our cell phones, which all utilize EMI shielding to prevent signal disruption and calls from being dropped.

Industries That Need EMI Shielding

In an electronic world, EMI shielding is essential in many industries. Some of the most prominent applications for EMI shielding come in the telecommunications, transportation, and healthcare industries.


As we mentioned, EMI shielding is integral to our smartphones and cell phones working correctly every day. When a call drops out unexpectedly, it’s typically due to signal interference from EMI.

If you’ve noticed many of your phone’s calls drop out, it could be from inadequate EMI shielding, and it may be time to upgrade to a new model or get it repaired.


EMI shielding is vital in modern vehicles and airplanes. Besides the radio, cars used to have few electronics on board, but modern vehicles now have GPS, Bluetooth technology, and satellite radio, among other high-tech features. Without capable EMI shielding, your car’s GPS wouldn’t be worthwhile!

Also, Airplanes need EMI shielding to protect their crucial electronics from passengers’ smartphones, tablets, or laptops. It’s one of the reasons why they ask you to put your phone in airplane mode!


Healthcare facilities are not only full of people with electronic devices, but they are also full of intricate medical machines that help treat and monitor patients. A malfunctioning medical device could be the difference between life and death for some patients, so EMI shielding is essential.

There are many more industries that couldn’t work without EMI shielding, but those are just a few prominent examples. Next time you’re on a plane or in a hospital, thank EMI shielding for ensuring all devices work smoothly!

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