Freebie: Business Selling Prep

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getting yourself ready for the sale

Before your go to market, you need to get your business ready for the sale. This includes a number of items including a review of your financials, marketing and sales, operations, and other.

Let us come in and do an analysis of your current situation:

  • we will look at the organization, your marketing, the reliance on key personnel, the condition of assets, profitability, and company financial records.
  • we will likewise provide tips for improving the value potential and saleability of a business and recommend a timeframe to get the business ready for the sale.
  • we offer this review at no cost or obligation.

Contact us for your complimentary review of our business position.

The download summarizes some of the analysis that can be performed to determine your company’s market strength. We can help you with this analysis. We will provide our non-disclosure agreement prior to viewing any of this information.

CFOne Advisory Group

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Krayton M Davis
Executive Principal
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Freebie: Business Selling Prep