MBA and More: 4 Master’s Degrees to Get You That Corporate Position

MBA and More: 4 Master’s Degrees to Get You That Corporate Position
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    Once the bachelor's degree is in hand, the decision to get a master's degree becomes front and center.

    Depending on the undergraduate major, the graduate degree specialty can easily be locked down.


But, this is not always the case. For example, a business, finance or human resource major customarily follows a definite path. However, there are other graduate degrees, such as project and program management, that are a bit more subtle with the same impact. The right graduate degree will land that sought after corporate position and the high salary that comes with it.

Business Administration

The MBA is the leading graduate degree. A less-known fact about this degree is that there are many specialties to choose from. The top three include finance, marketing and healthcare. The scenario is similar to medical school in the sense that programs are tailored to the specialty of interest. To help narrow down a good fit, consider where the market will be in the future. reviews the ins and outs of the GMAT and more, which is where the graduate school journey begins. Preparing for graduate school is a commitment, and finding resources that can assist the process are essential.

Project and Program Management

A project and program management master’s degree is one of those lesser-known graduate degrees with limitless possibilities. A master’s in project management degree can be applied in every business sector. Many quality institutions in the US have programs that offer rigorous study in leadership, technology and management. These courses prepare the individual with a broad knowledge base for the challenges associated with business operations for corporate entities.

Human Resources

Human resources is another discipline where a master’s degree will help you get that coveted corporate position. There are four paths that one can take. An MBA with a concentration in human resources, a Master of Management in human resources, and a Master of Science or Arts in human resource management will serve the same purpose. In addition, there are other requirements by graduate schools such as having experience before being accepted in a program. However, once these hurdles are cleared, there will be many available prospects.


Chief financial officers and investment bankers hold a master’s degree in finance. The public and private sector have needs as well in the areas of consumer finance, insurance investment and risk management to name a few. This degree program covers corporate finance, derivatives and more. The pay for a master’s degree holder is one of the highest among corporate professionals.

With education becoming more costly, it is critical to choose a master’s degree with the best ROI (return of investment). You should consider programs at top schools as well as the convenience of online classes to assist in picking the best graduate degree to pursue.



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