How To Look And Act Like A Leader If You Want To Climb The Corporate Ladder

How To Look And Act Like A Leader If You Want To Climb The Corporate Ladder
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    Climbing the corporate ladder is a dream for many, but a reality for few. It’s possible to earn job promotions with the right attitude and effort.


To look and act like a leader that your boss will want to hire, consider these tips:

Be The Problem-Solver

Always be prepared with a plan and a backup plan. Take initiative whenever there’s a problem. Always volunteer to take on a responsibility, and then follow through on it. Become the person that the boss can simply delegate a job to and then rest easy without worrying about whether you’ll pull through.

Communicate Effectively

If you’re thinking of endless meetings and powerpoint slide designs, stop right there. Leave the business jargon for the busy-work middle managers. You should be able to delegate responsibility and effectively manage a team, relate to your peers as a positive teammate, and impress your superiors with your efficient presentation and respect for their time. Reading helps a lot here; having a better vocabulary makes you a better communicator all around.

Pick Your Battles

If you have a problem with no feasible solution, try to distance yourself from it or else at least have a ready explanation for why it can’t be done. There are times, rare though they be, when you must say ‘no’ to something. You can respectfully and politely disagree, while phrasing it as an opportunity to take a different path or apply a different method instead. Remember also that being a sycophant doesn’t always win points with management; sometimes they respect someone who can speak their own mind even more than a yes-man.

Dress The Part

Your aggressive climb to the top begins before you get to work. Dressing and acting like a leader makes the world treat you like one. If your company culture allows casual dress, dress at the absolute top of the curve for your employee’s pool anyway. If it’s more business-professional, but sure to put your best foot forward. You can find great deals on high-quality clothing by using online coupons from places like

Avoid Being Intimidating

Sometimes ambition gets misread as aggression. To avoid this, use some humor to ease the tension among your peers, work to put credit for success on everybody but you, and always phrase things in terms of what’s best for the company, not necessarily you.

Applying these rules doesn’t guarantee success, of course, at least not at every company. Sometimes the problem is the company, rather than you. But if you follow these tips, you can increase your chances of getting a better job.



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