Mergers and Acquisitions Made Easy in the Cloud

Mergers and Acquisitions Made Easy in the Cloud

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3 out of 5
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    Oftentimes companies seek to merge or acquire new businesses as an opportunity for growth but the process can be so daunting and time consuming that dealings fall through.


There really is no reason in this day and age to ever lose a deal because of slow processes and paperwork that seems to get lost in the shuffle because digital communications can keep everything moving, if not at the speed of light, close to it! Let’s look at some ways mergers and acquisitions are made easy in the Cloud.

Ease of Communications

Unless you are new to computer technology (which is highly doubtful!) then you know that communicating via the internet is the fastest way to go. However, traditional digital communications can take some amount of time because you email a request for information and then begins the process of waiting for a response. Cloud computing negates the whole process of waiting. Everything is stored remotely on one or more servers (databases) so that anyone with access privileges can simply log on, retrieve what they need and they have what they need instantaneously.

When negotiating a merger or acquisition, both parties to the transaction can simply upload any documents or files necessary so that they can be retrieved as needed. Yes, emails and faxes will still need to go back and forth, but it would be a safe assumption to say that at least 75 – 90 percent of those communications would be avoided because the info is there on the Cloud waiting to be accessed.

Facilitates Working with Remote Locations

Whether seeking a merger or an acquisition of a new business, it is necessary to begin calculating potential profits. HR plays a huge role in this portion of the transaction because they are in touch with almost every aspect of the business expenditures, especially where payroll is involved. If there are remote locations to the company that is up for grabs, an efficient HR department will have all those records stored on the Cloud through platforms such as those available at

Every employee at every remote location has a complete file stored on the Cloud so that it can be accessed and tallied within moments. This allows the potential parent company to calculate ROI in terms of payroll. This is a huge time saver when calculating the payroll portion of outgoing expenditures.

Reduction of Lost or Misplaced Records and Paperwork

How many mergers have you seen stalled because records or various documents have been lost or misplaced? By storing data on the cloud there is little to no chance of this ever happening. The only glitch may be if the person or persons responsible for uploading and storing the information doesn’t keep them filed well. The Cloud is a great time-saver and all but eliminates lost paperwork, but the Cloud is only as efficient as the person organizing the file structure. Even so, a quick search can find the missing doc which is a whole lot more efficient that spending hours, if not days, looking for a hard copy that has been misplaced.

The key take away from all this is the benefits of storing as much data as possible in a Cloud environment. Whether you are going to offer your company up for acquisition at some point in the future or are simply looking to solve record-keeping issues, Cloud computing is safe and reliable. Looking to merge with another company or acquire a competitor to increase your market share? Seek one with records on the Cloud and that transfer of power can be processed virtually at the speed of light.



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