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Business Management

5 Mistakes New Business Owners Often Make When Hiring New Employees

Business owners spend many hours reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, but that doesn’t stop them from making some critical mistakes when hiring new talent.

Employee Management

Effective Ways to Improve Teamwork in Your Business

The more you and your employees work as a team, the more successful you all become.

Information Technology

Why It’s Important That Your Online Presence Reaches Mobile Users

Ten years ago, marketers were trying to figure out how to make their websites look great on a computer screen. Now it’s just as important to make a website responsive on a mobile device.

Building Management

Going Urban: What to Expect When Changing Locations

Being in a season of fast-paced, volatile, and dynamic transitions, many businesses can expect definite changes by moving to an urban environment.

Small Business Tips

Running Your Business From Home? Six Must-Haves You Need

Whether it’s a small accounting firm or a web design studio, running a business from home is a tight ship.

Employee Management

Workplace Satisfaction: 5 Things Every Business Needs for Happy Employees

If you have a supervisory position, you know that employee loyalty is key to business success. Fulfilled workers help companies thrive.

Employee Issues

Workplace Harassment: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Employees Safe

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), unlawful harassment violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and may result in an investigation, lawsuit and penalties.


The 4 Best Ways to Make a Great Work Presentation

Getting your ideas across at work can be a challenging process. Aside from the basic anxiety nearly everyone has about public speaking, there are many requirements for good presentation skills that the average person is either unaware of, or has not learned as part of their professional training.

Other Business Topics

5 Questions to Ask Your Expert Witness

Expert witnesses can make or break a trial. If you’ve never hired one, however, you might be wondering where to start and what to ask when interviewing prospective candidates.

Training & CE

Employee Training: Six Training Topics That HR Shouldn’t Leave Out This Year

Employee training is a part of running a successful business. The workforce is changing, the work is changing and technology is keeping us running.

Employee Management

What You Need to Know if You Want to Offer a Job to Someone Overseas

Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to hire valuable employees from anywhere in the world.

Building Management

Risky Business: 4 Common Dangers in the Workplace

Regardless of whether the workplace is a retail store or a construction site, there are similar common dangers that employees will most likely be exposed to or work around.

Building Management

Employing Colors as Workplace Mood Enhancers

On a global scale, an average working time for the majority of people is between 6 and 10 hours a day. This means that we spend most of our daily time at our workplaces and the way our working environment is organized plays an important role on both our working mood and mood in general, that is how we feel going to and from work.

Business Security

6 Important Things Your Business Needs To Protect Itself

Your business can be targeted for identity theft, burglary, or even a break-in during work hours. Protecting your business both online and in your establishment is so important to avoid potential pitfalls.

Entrepreneur Tips

Why You Should Launch Your Business at a Tradeshow

You may have never thought it of it—or heard of it—before, but you can actually launch a brand new business at a tradeshow.

M&A Planning

Mergers and Acquisitions Made Easy in the Cloud

Oftentimes companies seek to merge or acquire new businesses as an opportunity for growth but the process can be so daunting and time consuming that dealings fall through.

Employee Safety

How to Avoid Hidden Dangers in the Workplace

A workplace should be a safe place. However, most workplaces have hidden dangers that don’t become apparent until it’s too late.

Other Business Topics

Prevent Lawsuits Against Your Business: Six Things You Need For Protection

The risk of lawsuits is one of the top concerns among business owners. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from pursuing your dreams of opening or expanding your own company.