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What Your Business Needs to Know Before Relocating to a New Location

What Your Business Needs to Know Before Relocating to a New Location
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    Any relocation can be a headache, but moving a business involves a lot of careful planning to avoid wasted expense and ensure minimal disruption to operations.


It starts with picking the right location, calculating costs, and integrating staff and vendors into the process. Here are some things to know when planning your business relocation.

Total Expenses

You’ll need trucks, boxes, packing materials, and lots of labor. A good moving company may be the best investment. Using employees or day labor to perform the work may not achieve efficient and professional results. A moving company will provide their own trucks and have experienced, organized employees. They should also offer insurance or replacement of anything that’s damaged. Bear in mind that this likely won’t apply to anything they didn’t pack.

Keep Employees Informed

Communicate to your staff the schedule for relocation and the day they should show up to the new location. Email photos and scaled layouts of the new facility showing where each department is located, along with common resources like bathrooms and break areas. This will help to minimize confusion and questions. Remember that some employees may be negatively affected. Moving to a new location could require a longer commute that may be a deal breaker for even your veteran workers.

Speak to Vendors

Relocating your business can also require a change in services such as internet, equipment leases, or telephony providers. It might be necessary to review your contracts and see whether you’ll have to keep your current vendors. If your move is in anticipation of growth, you may need to install more phone lines or expand your IT network. Make any required arrangements with your providers so that there are no gaps in service.

Create Your Office Plan

Choosing a new location based on the neighborhood or the cost may also mean that you’re getting facilities that are less than ideal. You may have to make renovations or upgrades to facilitate workflow and provide for employee safety. When making these renovations, especially in older buildings, it’s important to have a building inspection done. Keep an eye out for hazards such as asbestos. If this health risk is present, be sure to call an experienced contractor, such as one from Mendelssohn Construction, that can handle asbestos removal.

It may be a good idea to form a committee to assist with all the details of relocating your business. Working with a contractor to optimize your new surroundings should be a top concern.



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