Signs it Might Be Time to Relocate Your Business

Signs it Might Be Time to Relocate Your Business
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    Sometimes a hard decision has to be made when it comes to working in the world of business.

    Changing your location as a business is a great way to have a fresh start and outlook, or a way to expand the company and hire the new staff you have been wanting to, or perhaps the building is just not suitable.


Whatever your reason, moving building can be exciting and can enable your business to progress. If you are feeling in a bit of a rut with your business and are wondering whether it is perhaps time for a move, have a read of these signs below and see whether it’s time to move somewhere new.

Multiple Upgrades Are Needed

If the space you are working in has multiple different issues that are distracting you and your staff from working to their full ability, such as it being too small, having ventilation issues, poor aesthetics that aren’t uplifting staff or even just if the location isn’t maximizing your business, it’s time for a move.

Moving an entire office can be stressful; but the new motivation of staff once you have arrived will be well worth the time and effort.

Costs Are Too High

Have you noticed that your expenses each month are too high? Well a simple way to cut them is to move offices. There are many reasons for rent being so expensive.

You may be paying far too much rent for a building that you could pay for a lot less with another provider. It could be an expensive area, and moving slightly further out could enable you to have the same size space for much less rent, or perhaps you simply don’t need a space as big and you can find somewhere smaller and save yourself money to be reinvested into other areas of the business. Look into all the potential costs at new offices, as there could be hidden fees that in fact don’t make it any cheaper than your existing workspace.

Struggling to Find Staff

Moving to a larger location has the potential to access a larger talent pool. Moving closer to a city, or even into the city center, opens so many opportunities for a business, as public transport is increased and more often, and also young talent are increasingly wanting to move into big cities to follow their desired career path. Offering young talent a great office in an exciting city will get the CV’s rolling in in no time. So, if you’re struggling to find the talent that your company is looking for, consider relocating.

Growing Out of Your Office

Sometimes, you simply need more space! If you find yourself struggling to fit people in, and need to hire more staff, then taking the leap and moving might be the best thing for you. Similarly, if you’ve started your business at home and need to expand, creating an office space might be the next step.

However, if this is the case, make sure you carefully consider the finances, as adding a lease or mortgage to your current expenses is a big step! If you’re unsure, seek the help of a financial advisor who will be able to look at your incomings and outgoings to decide whether expanding is the right thing for you.

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You Need Different Features

When you start your business, the space you have may be sufficient for what you need, however, as it expands, the demands of your business may change. For example, you may need a warehouse space, a conference room, extensive parking etc. The requirements of each business is different, but it is likely if your business is going from strength to strength that you may need to look at investing in somewhere new.

Author Bio: Jamie Costello is a business writer who writes articles around various topics surrounding business. This can include commercial business, employment, recruitment and other relative topics. He uses his experience from working closely with ventilation supplier Airmatic, to write this particular article.

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