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Planning a Corporate Company Event

Planning a Corporate Company Event
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    The most important part of your company are, of course, your employees.

    They are what makes your business stand out on its way to reaching the goals that you have set out.


A great way to get the best out of them is to organize a corporate company event, where they can share all their creative ideas related to how your business functions. If you are taking up the job of an event planner yourself, you need to create an event that is innovative and inspiring, in order to get the best out of it.

Come up with a brilliant marketing campaign

Your corporate event needs to have its own unique marketing strategy. It is necessary that you entice the people before the event so that they are excited enough to attend. A good event marketing campaign revolves around a theme. There is a wide variety of ways that you can use to draw people to come, such as community building, content creation, and email marketing.

Your email marketing campaign should encourage people to take part in a networking community prior to the event, which can be hosted on a private forum, a dedicated networking platform, or on social media. This will let your employees know what they can expect from the upcoming event.

Learn what your stakeholders are after

Knowing what key stakeholders are expecting from the event is essential for coming up with one that is really worth the effort you put into it. Find the time to spend with the most influential people associated with your business. Come up with a checklist of things that your event needs to have in order to satisfy them. Some of the goals that you and your stakeholders share include:

  • Coming up with a mutual vision
  • Gathering ideas from everyone that can bring something new to your business
  • Analyzing the history of your performance and coming up with goals for the future
  • Aligning various departments in order to make them more efficient

Knowing what the most important stakeholders are after enables you to know what kind of venue you are going to choose, who is going to speak at the event, and pick the best event management software.

Find the best event speakers

Finding the best speakers for your event is vital for creating an event that provides everyone with a valuable experience. The speaker needs to offer valuable insights to the attendees. The best idea is to find the speakers within the company to do so. There is certainly someone among your employees that has an unforgettable story to tell, or has an insight to offer which everyone can benefit from. An alternate solution is to ask the most important stakeholders to provide you with the right employees for the job.

Get ideas from your attendees

If employees are the most important part of a thriving business, then gaining quality ideas from them is one of the most important parts of your event’s organization. What you need is to come up with an event networking platform which enables messaging and sharing, in order for you to go through all the great ideas after the event. Remember that not everyone will be able to attend your event, so you should also think about a way to record the important moments, so that reviewing the key points and ideas is possible. Therefore, you should invest in video recording or a photobooth for hire.

Another great idea is to have some of your employees work as reporters, by interviewing attendees. This is a great way to get to know what your attendees have in mind, and present ideas via post-event content, such as blog posts and eBooks.

Final words

It’s not an easy job to plan a successful corporate company event. It is essential that you learn what key stakeholders are after, and then find the best way to market the event, so that people are enticed to visit it. In order to provide your audience with something valuable, you need to find the best event speakers who have important things to share. Your attendees’ ideas also matter. After the event, you should organize a post-conference debrief, where you can gain feedback and collect ideas for the future.



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