The Major Types of Cranes for Sale You Can Go For

The Major Types of Cranes for Sale You Can Go For
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    The present construction world greatly depends on the massive cranes that are used for several purposes.

    The industrial crane has shaped the construction business; we see today.


There are two main reasons that make cranes useful for the construction industry; first, they are used for lifting and moving heavy objects from one place to the other; and secondly, they are utilized for lifting objects and shifting them to the required position.

In the construction of skyscrapers, the role of cranes is something that we all know. Not just skyscrapers, but these cranes are also used in the construction of bridges, airports, roadways, etc. In this regard, different types of cranes are used, and in case you are planning to purchase one, it is better to get some idea about these machines. There are many suppliers available in the online market regarding cranes for sale. You can check out the technical specifications without going anywhere.

How to Go Ahead with Cranes for Sale?

When it comes to the construction of a building then concrete and steel are the two major elements that are quite heavy in weight. There are two major categories of cranes used in the construction and industrial field; they are- mobiles cranes and fixed crane. Both have various sub-categories. Different cranes are meant for different purposes, and below are the prominent ones that are frequently used.

  • Fixed Cranes – Like the name suggests, this type of crane is not movable in nature and their main purpose is to lift objects and take them to greater heights. You might have seen these cranes quite often during the construction of buildings having few floors. These cranes can lift heavy loads.
  • Tower Cranes – In the construction of skyscrapers, these cranes perform a major role. They are attached to the ground, and this is done with the help of a strong pad of concrete, which provides enough stability to the whole machine. The normal capacity tower cranes can lift up to 20 tons of load, and they can reach up to 260 feet of height. But, the special ones can reach up to 2600 feet!
  • Mobile Cranes – These cranes feature a telescopic boom which is attached to a mobile platform. These cranes are widely used in the construction sites, and they are used for carrying and moving the moderate load.
  • Vehicle Mounted Cranes – These cranes can be attached to the vehicle, such as trucks. Once mounted, these cranes can lift and carry objects like steel bars and transport them to the construction site. Firmly attached to the truck’s base, a vehicle mounted crane can render a good amount of stability during the hoisting process. 
  • Rough Terrain Cranes – Powered by highly tough rubber tyres, these cranes are meant for off-road applications. They are used during the construction of bridges, water damns, etc. The undercarriage on which the crane is mounted is fitted with rubber tyres. The tyres provide a firm grip and good balance to the vehicle.
  • Crawler Cranes – They are powerful and capable of handling weight up to 3500 tons. These cranes do not feature tyres, but an arrangement of metal tracks with the help of which the vehicle is able to crawl.

So, those were the few major types of cranes for sale available in the present market. These cranes are quite apt for the construction business, and when you purchase them, it would be better to compare the technical specifications like power, load capacity, price, etc. In this way, you will be able to make the right choice.



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