5 Convenient Ways to Back Up Your Company’s Data

5 Convenient Ways to Back Up Your Company’s Data
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    Your company's data is invaluable.

    If your computer crashes or your hard disk fails and all of the files saved are wiped, you could be left trying to piece together information that you couldn't possibly remember by heart.


The best thing that a responsible and forward-thinking company owner can do is invest in backing up data.

You can protect your data and your networks from future attacks but have your files backed up is a great backup plan. Here are 5 convenient backup options:

1. Use an External Drive

External hard drives shouldn’t be used on an everyday basis but it’s a convenient way to backup data and bring that data along with you. These hard drives are cheap and offer a lot of storage space for your larger files and images. They usually access files from a source by plugging into the device’s USB.

2. A Portable Flash Drive

A flash drive, also known as a USB stick, is another convenient way to backup data temporarily until you come up with a more permanent solution. The small and cheap drives can be carried on your key chain or developed into something as interesting as a nail file. It’s the most portable backup option and probably the cheapest as well. Unfortunately, with portability comes to an increasing likelihood that all of that backed up data will be lost. There are also concerns that USB sticks aren’t durable or long lasting.

3. Network Attached Storage

When you have multiple computers in your office, you’ll have to operate them off of a network. Since all of the devices are connected, it might be best to use a network solution instead of a solution for each individual computer. Network attached storage devices are stored in the office and have the capacity to store files and data from multiple sources. They have automatic backup features and also offer wireless solutions for your mobile devices. While they are great tools for backing up data, you may need professional computer help for setting them up.

4. Cloud Storage Tools

With technology today advancing like it is, you might not even need equipment to backup your data. You can sign up for a cloud storage account and easily schedule automatic data backups that are sent to a cloud environment. No need for hard drives or other equipment. The data can easily be accessed from any computer as long as you have the password and you’re authorized to pull up the file.

5. Apple Time Machine

If you’re strictly using Apple products in the office, the Apple Time Machine is a lot like an external hard drive. With 3tb of storage and easy to program features, you can use the Time Machine feature to not just backup the data but also restore the desktop or laptop. You can program daily, weekly, or monthly backups from more than one Apple device and everything will save until the storage is full.

There are endless options when it comes to backing up your files. It’s never been easier to adopt a procedure and stick with it. Talk to your IT department, discuss the most cost-efficient options, and don’t forget how important it is to be able to access your data from anywhere.



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