How to Cut the Costs of Web Hosting for Your Business

How to Cut the Costs of Web Hosting for Your Business
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    Making an online business successful is all about trying to make small cuts that would otherwise add up.

    You're likely paying over the odds for your hosting package without realizing it, and that's one of the biggest expenses when it comes to running a website.


Therefore, it’s crucial you look at different options when it comes to the online services you use.

Change Providers

Sometimes, it’s worth sticking with the same provider if you’ve had nothing but an excellent all-round experience. After all, not many web hosting providers out there will do everything they can to ensure you’re happy. However, you also need to think about saving money where possible to ensure your online business is a success, and that starts with web hosting. You could go out and spend a few dollars every month on a package, but you’re likely not going to get a good experience from an established provider, so you still need to pay for what you’re getting. Take advantage of sites like Hosting Kingdom so you can compare the top providers in terms of support, services, and price.

Research Various Solutions So Your Website Uses Fewer Resources

There could be many reasons why your website is slow and using more resources than websites that are much larger. This could be anything from the CMS (Content Management System) you’re using to how many images you’ve uploaded. The answers to using fewer resources are to change your CMS, optimize your images, improve your coding practices and install CMS plugins to crack down on the resources you’re wasting. If your site is small and doesn’t use many resources anyway, this could be a waste of time. However, if you have a large e-commerce store, making changes like these will pay dividends. It could end up being the difference between downgrading from a dedicated server that costs hundreds of dollars every month to using a VPS that only costs 50 bucks a month.

Do You Really Need Those Resources & Features?

Another effective way of cutting web hosting costs is to ask yourself if you really need the resources and features you’re provided with. Many providers out there will include resources and features you will never take advantage of, so why not cut down to a smaller package or ask them if there is any wiggle room. Although some providers stick to the same packages, many web hosting providers will be happy to come up with an arrangement that suits the needs of your site. If you don’t ask you don’t get, so get in contact with your host to see if they can do anything in terms of cutting resources and features that you don’t use.

Even by taking advantage of the above tips, you might not save yourself hundreds every year. However, it’s the smaller savings over the months that can add up to a lot over a few years, so why pay for more than what you need? Take advantage of the above tips and you’ll find you have more cash left every month to spend on more important matters.



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