Company on Point: 4 Tips to Increase Efficiency in Your Business

Company on Point: 4 Tips to Increase Efficiency in Your Business
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    It's no secret that efficiency is everything in business.

    However, many companies continue to operate in inefficient ways, often not realizing that they're losing out on potential productivity.


Here are four of the top ways companies can increase their efficiency and make sure they are operating as profitably and productively as possible.

Eliminate Redundant Systems

One of the biggest drains on business efficiency is having more than one system in place to accomplish a specific task. Though it may seem like this gives you more opportunities to get the task done, it actually just creates more work than necessary in training and support for multiple systems. Try to catch any and all redundant systems, particularly when it comes to your paperwork load. By doing so, you’ll be opening up extra time and resources and streamlining the single system you leave in place.

Cut out Downtime

Almost any business that relies on machinery will have some amount of downtime while repairs or maintenance occur on equipment. Downtime, however, is extremely costly. With that said, it’s important that this downtime be reduced to the lowest possible level in order to maximize efficiency. This means maintaining equipment properly and cycling maintenance schedules for different machines in order to prevent a complete shutdown at any one time. Your company should also try to find the shortest possible supply chain for replacement parts, as waiting for parts can extend downtime into unacceptable ranges.

Take Basic Preventative Measures

In many cases, situations that bring down the efficiency of your company’s operations are preventable. If, for example, your company’s operations include a warehouse, doing something as simple as making sure that empty pallets are neatly stacked and properly wrapped can help keep the working space organized and prevent potential injuries. Look for small tasks like this that your organization can implement to avoid inefficient operation, and you’ll be surprised by how many you find.

Make Finding Inefficiencies Everyone’s Job

In trying to improve efficiency, many companies end up hiring experts to come in and evaluate their operations. Before taking this step, though, you should consult the people who actually work in your organization day-to-day. These people see inefficient systems in use, and can often offer very useful insights into the problems. By consulting your employees, you can learn a lot about where your organization may be losing out on productivity.

By implementing these four tips, your business can improve its efficiency, thus improving profitability. Remember, promoting efficiency is an ongoing process. Even after you implement these tips, continue to be on the lookout for new sources of inefficiency in your organization.



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