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Top 5 Upper Management Positions (And How to Get Them)

Top 5 Upper Management Positions (And How to Get Them)
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    Nearly everyone dreams of reaching an executive-level position within their company.

    Whether they work for a large retail corporation or technical startup, there are a variety of perks that come with being promoted to executive management.


If you have the knowledge and the education, obtaining high-level employment in one of the following top five upper management positions is within your reach.

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is the driving force behind the company. This person will make things happen on a large scale, will be able to pull resources together to support the company at all times, and will be a key player in driving the overall long term goal with both employees and the general public.

This is the most difficult position to obtain at a company. Often times, the Chief Executive Officer title is given to the person who actually founded the company. After a certain period of time, the Board of Directors may decide to vote for a new CEO who they think has more experience or is a better fit for the company itself.

Those who wish to obtain this position should first graduate from a top university with a master’s degree and should attempt to start a business themselves. Starting a business will help with the perspective needed to lead an entire company.

Chief Operational Officer

Also known as the COO, the Chief Operational Officer is responsible for the day-to-day tasks within the company. This person will make sure everything runs smoothly and is often allowed to make decisions as a member of the Board of Directors.

Especially in the beginning of a new company, the COO would be responsible for any human resources-related issues, basic IT support issues, making sure everyone is paid on time and that all company goals are met for a specific time period.

Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer acts initially as an adviser to the Chief Executive Officer and other executive members. He or she should give input regarding computer repairs, server maintenance, coding, web design and just about anything you can think of when it comes to managing the development team.

Chief Technology Officers normally have a background in IT and have completed a master’s degree in business administration.

Chief Customer Officer

The Chief Customer Officer is responsible for the happiness of clients and the reputation of the company itself.

Also known as the CCO, this individual plans and implements customer service workflows, teaches customer service employees about best practices when dealing with irate customers, and constantly strives to provide the best service possible.

Those who wish to become CCOs should first obtain an in-class or online master’s in organizational development or a similar subject. This type of degree will enhance your team communication skills, planning skills and conflict resolution knowledge.

Chief Financial Officer

Also known as the CFO, this executive is an essential part to any company. He or she analyzes financial statements, implements plans for profitability improvement and assists with any major financial concern that appears at any time.

Those who wish to become CFOs should always complete a master’s degree in finance and become a Certified Public Accountant. Obtaining both will let employers and executive teams know that you can handle any financial problem given to you at any time.

While executive positions come with great rewards, those who choose to rise to that level take on much of the risk that other employees avoid. Knowledge obtained through a master’s degree program and general managerial experience will help mitigate much of that risk and alleviate much of the stress that anyone feels at that level.

Regardless of the executive position you strive for, always remember to prep yourself first before you apply for a promotion.



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