Inside the Warehouse: How to Make Sure You Have a Safe Work Environment

Inside the Warehouse: How to Make Sure You Have a Safe Work Environment
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    The number one responsibility of an employer is not to customers or investors.

    It's to provide a safe work environment for employees.


This is also the case for those that manage warehouses. Warehouse accidents are unfortunately common, and employers must take steps to prevent them proactively. With that in mind, below are some tips you can use to create a safe work environment inside your warehouse.

Train Employees on Safe Lifting

Some debilitating injuries that occur in the warehouse aren’t the result of things like faulty equipment. How an employee lifts heavy objects can result in severe and permanent injury as well. For example, how an employee positions his or her back while lifting is extremely important. However, employees are unlikely to know how to safely lift heavy items in the warehouse without proper training.

Install Safety Railing

Some parts of a warehouse may be elevated. If that is the case, proper safety railing must be installed. According to Australian workers’ compensation statistics, 23 percent of workers’ compensation claims in Australia originate from falls in the workplace. Many of these falls result in permanent disability. Some even result in death.

Train Employees on How to Safely Use Equipment

Another large source of warehouse worker injuries results from the improper use of equipment and machinery. If a forklift, for example, is not properly operated, it can certainly result in the injury or death of the driver as well as co-workers. It is a very dangerous machine, and a worker must be educated on its proper use to operate if safely. This is why you should implement organizations like the Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre to train your employees on how to safely operate a forklift.

Label Hazards

There may be portions of a warehouse that pose specific safety hazards that other areas of the warehouse do not. This could include areas where dangerous equipment or hazardous materials are stored. It’s not enough to simply tell employees to be careful in these parts of the warehouse. Instead, they should be clearly labeled as hazardous. The signage in question may also require lighting if that portion of the warehouse is so dim that the wording is not clearly legible.

Shirts and Harnesses

One of the best ways to promote safety in the warehouse is to have your employees wear colored shirts or vests. These colors should be easily identifiable from anywhere in the warehouse. This way if your employees or more indefinable the less likely other employees are to cause an accident when they are operating equipment.

With that said, when your employees are operating equipment they should be wearing harnesses or the proper gear to protect them. This leaves little to no room that that employee will be injured if they are wearing the proper gear.

Overall, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that a warehouse is a safe working environment for all employees. This requires being proactive. Steps must be taken to prevent safety hazards from forming. Employees must also be trained on how to maintain safety in the warehouse at all times.



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