What To Include in Your Warehouse Safety Checklist

What To Include in Your Warehouse Safety Checklist
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    Safety is a priority for every warehouse manager.

    While you should always keep an eye out for ways to promote smoother operations and better work practices, it’s also a good idea to host regular self-inspections in your warehouse.


A thorough checklist of safety essentials can help you take stock of your building and practices to see what needs improving. Start your inspection process with these key ideas of what to include in your warehouse safety checklist.

Visibility Throughout the Building

Clear paths, visible corners, and abundant lighting are key parts of keeping workers safe. You can avoid accidents, falls, and countless other hazards by simply improving visibility in your warehouse.

For example, illuminating the warehouse floor helps brighten spills so that you can clean them up quickly. You should also focus your attention on narrow corridors, storage areas, mezzanine areas, and other smaller locations that might not offer as much visibility as the rest of your warehouse floor.

Secure, Stable Products

Loose, unstable inventory can fall, damaging your products and putting your workers at risk. In fact, falling materials or inventory are among the top safety hazards in warehouse operations, making this a crucial part of what to include in your warehouse safety checklist.

A reliable racking system or other storage solution can help you secure products so you never have to worry about loose or falling inventory. In addition to keeping workers safe, an advanced storage solution can help you move and manage inventory faster and more accurately than ever before.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Sanitation might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about warehouse management, but it’s still an essential part of maintaining a safe workplace. Look for unnecessary or misplaced trash, as this can create tripping hazards or other workflow obstacles.

You should also ensure that work counters, break rooms, and bathrooms are always clean and hygienic. Finally, create proper ventilation in your warehouse to prevent a buildup of damp or dust.

Equipment Inspections

Forklifts are major sources of accidents in the industrial sector. As such, forklift maintenance and other equipment inspections are necessary parts of your safety checklist.

You can outsource equipment inspections and any necessary repairs to ensure the job gets done quickly and accurately. Keep a record of all maintenance jobs so you always know how your equipment is doing and when your next inspection is due.

Accessible Fire Exits

Fire safety is a crucial part of any building inspection. Make sure you go over all fire safety essentials in your building. Test smoke alarms and sprinkler systems to make sure they’re fully functional. Count fire extinguishers and make sure you have enough extinguishers placed strategically throughout the building.

Additionally, ensure that all of your fire exits are clearly labeled and unobstructed. You should also post fire plans and other safety information in high-traffic areas where workers can easily read them.

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