How to Use Modern Technology to Separate Your Startup from Your Competition

How to Use Modern Technology to Separate Your Startup from Your Competition
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    Unprecedented advancements in technology have completely changed how people live for the better.


Aside from improving quality of life, modern technology is also continuously changing the commercial landscape, giving the little guys including tech startups and small businesses a shot against large conglomerates that used to be untouchable. It’s also changed how businesses compete with each other in their respective markets, offering more precise market research data and streamlining day-to-day operations.

Keep in mind, however, that modern technology isn’t inherently beneficial. How you implement technology is what will make a difference between success and failure. Here’s four ways on how to properly utilize modern technology in a way that will separate your brand from the rest of the herd.

Increase Productivity

Install and implement time-tracking software to pinpoint exactly where you and your employees are spending your time. This data can be used to improve your workplace schedule and routine so that your workforce is more productive. Another way to use tech to give your brand a productivity boost is with task management apps and widgets that help you keep track of your daily and weekly tasks. These management tools can also be helpful when organizing and keeping track of projects with stringent deadlines. Last but not least, a common piece of technology used by businesses to increase productivity are ad blockers, which temporarily lock down specific websites. Cutting off access to productivity-zapping websites including entertainment websites and social networking platforms helps employees focus more on the task at hand.

Trim the Fat

Open source applications are becoming a popular and cheaper alternative compared to proprietary name brand solutions. Thanks to active contributors in the open source space, businesses can build their IT platform under a more flexible and affordable hood. Other ways in which you can use modern technology to trim the fat include a digital invoicing software that lowers costs of collecting receivables from customers, a digital budget-tracking program that keeps you up to date and, concurrently, lowers your expenses. Last but not least, modern technology allows you to transfer and update your files and documents digitally with your bookkeeper or tax professional to streamline your bookkeeping and tax filing.

Improve Your Customer Experience

Modern technology has the power to streamline your customers’ experience. Apparently, anything is within reach now for the modern consumer. From getting food delivered to your doorstep with mobile apps to being able to order anything and everything you need through an online portal, today’s customers are spoiled. With modern technology, your business can cater to customers’ ever-changing needs and demands without increasing costs. Use financial software, such as NMI payment gateway to give your retail and commercial clients a much easier time paying off their purchases. Use technology to construct and tailor a marketing plan that is best suited for your individual audience. Modern technology can also help you edit, update, and collaborate the marketing plan with your team.

Empower Your Workforce

Today’s companies are leveraging technology to improve the way their workforces communicate with each other as well as grow as professionals. Video conferencing software allows team members in remote locations to communicate and be on the same page. Hold webinars, which are virtual seminars, to update employees and relevant personnel regarding any new and upcoming overhauls to the company’s policies or projects. Leverage the power of cloud computing to strategically store and access information whenever and wherever you need to.

A lot of entrepreneurs are afraid of using modern technology due to the preconceived notion that these technologies are complicated and costly to implement. Nonetheless, learning and mastering how to use these technologies is essential to keep your relevance in the market.



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