Top 5 Business Software Tools Every Small Business Should be Using

Top 5 Business Software Tools Every Small Business Should be Using
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    Most small business operations don't have a big budget for software, but with these top 5 business software tools you will be able to improve productivity and efficiency without paying through the teeth.


Take a look at these software tools below to improve your business today.

1. Appointment Manager

Stop wasting your time trying to book appointments manually on your calendar and let handle your schedule. Just tell their software when you are available and clients can book a appointment directly with you when you are available! You can use the software on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, which is perfect for business owners who are not at the desk all day.

2. Accounting Software

Intuit Quickbooks is the go to accounting software for small and medium businesses. It’s great because it’s easy to use and you can export your company file and securely send it to your accountant to file your business taxes. It can do everything you need from managing payroll to keeping track of vendor’s orders.

3. Website Management

If your business does not have a website then you need to get one ASAP! If you already have a website then you have probably heard about the awesome free content management system called WordPress. It’s 100% free and it helps business owners run websites without any programming or technical knowledge. It gives you a friendly backend editor view to your site so you can easily manage your site without any of those complicated programming languages.

4. File Management

Most of us hate to think about our computer or server crashing, but the fact is that it happens to people every single day, and if their files were not backed up then they will have lost all of their files, videos, pictures, and hard work.

Most of us already have a backup of our computer on a external hard drive, so we don’t think we need an online backup. In the event of a fire or flood however, then you would lose your computer data and the backup data, which is why you would need a cloud based backup solution.

There are many online backup solutions, but Mozy is by far the most cost effective and reliable. You can back up an unlimited amount of computer storage for just $5 per month. Don’t risk it – get Mozy and protect all of your hard work today.

5. Password Management

Stop trying to remember all of your passwords and get a password manager. It’s quick and easy to setup, and I would recommend Lastpass or PasswordBox.

You are probably thinking that it’s not safe but I can assure it is. They use EES 256-bit encryption to store your passwords securely in your virtual password vault, and when you go to a site in your web browser, it remembers your password and logs you in automatically. Check them out today and stop trying to remember all of those passwords!

Use these tools to make your own business more successful, but also be sure to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to tell others about these great business tools they should be using.



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