4 Ways to Improve Your Retail Business Location

4 Ways to Improve Your Retail Business Location
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    Running a retail business place is a never ending job that requires you to stay on top of everything 24/7.

    The quality of the products you sell matters, but so does the way your store is organized and all the features included with it.


Improving your store and giving it a more professional but customer friendly look and feel can help bring a lot more customers and increase sales dramatically. There are four key areas you can improve to do this.

Product Stocking and Shelving

Few things can be as disappointing for a customer as coming into a store only to find the product they want is out of stock and hasn’t been restocked yet. Keeping your back storage rooms or warehouses organized allows you to keep tabs on your inventory levels and make sure you’re not running low.

Sometimes you need to adjust your payment cycles to your supplier so that deliveries arrive before your stock becomes depleted, or so that you can be prepared for seasonal demands.

And most important is keeping your shelves organized and labeled properly, and having clear signage designating where customers can find what they’re looking for.

Point of Sale Systems

Your point of sale area is very important because you want to be able to accommodate as many customer payment methods as possible and process sales transactions quickly.

There’s many different kinds of point of sale equipment and software out there ranging from more traditional systems, to now more modern cloud-based systems that can even handle mobile payments.

A good point of sale system will integrate well with your accounting and payroll system and keep your books up to date. There’s many affordable POS systems you can setup that have low overhead, but some of the more expensive ones have better reliability and can function even if your internet connection isn’t working.

Property Security

Part of keeping your retail location in order is having a good premises security plan and investing in a reliable security plan and system. That includes making sure your merchandise is placed far enough away from the entries to discourage shoplifting, security tagging your merchandise, having video surveillance systems, a 911 dispatch system, keeping more expensive items in lockup, and so on. Your employees should also be trained for emergency situations such as handling armed robberies.

Outdoor Parking and Accessibility

Successfully running a store also depends on access from the outdoors and making sure the parking lot and its entries can accommodate traffic if it’s specifically your parking lot. It’s important to make sure parking lines are visible and that you have an appropriate amount of space designated for handicapped customers. But you should also make sure there’s no debris or garbage scattered in your parking lot and make sure all walkways are clear of walking hazards outside your entry ways and have proper lighting.

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The bottom line is improving your retail business location is a matter of both investing in the right technology and man power. Improving the appearance, cleanliness and security of the store should be at least one priority when you apply for or receive financing for your store. Doing so will not only make for a better first impression on your business for customers, but will more likely than not make for a better ROI on what you spend for improvements.

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