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4 Ways to Add Creative Flair to Your Business Location

4 Ways to Add Creative Flair to Your Business Location
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    If you're planning out your physical business location, you might want to try some originality, both inside and out.


Depending on your brand and industry, your customers may be drawn to a company that’s more fun and inventive than all the other nondescript businesses around town. Your employees might enjoy it, as well. Here are some ways to introduce a new look.

Striking Paint Jobs

You should have a particular color scheme to your brand, and your building should reflect it so it’s constantly being advertised. People will automatically associate it with your company and become more comfortable with your brand, without even realizing it.

Some ideas include pin stripes, diagonal lines or geometric patterns, subtle color changes, murals, even polka dots if it fits your brand. Interior color choices can also affect mood. Be aware of how your color choice can stimulate creative, boost energy levels, or even promote sleepiness or relaxation.


An inflatable 3D shape will draw attention to your company. Think about a company mascot, iconic product, or something that provides a sense of community. You can have just about any shape you want made to order.

You should first check with your local building code enforcement authority for restrictions so you understand your options. But one or more fun, inflatable figures hovering over your roof or front entry will draw attention and impart a sense of festivity. It’s hard to be memorable in a world filled with stimuli, so something that truly stands out will make a major impact. Contrary to popular belief, however, not all publicity is good publicity, so ensure your inflatable is in good taste and aesthetically pleasing.

Plastic Fabrication

Custom plastics fabricators can provide completely unique decorative elements that build a special atmosphere. Interesting, unique, and colorful displays, bins and barrels, and even distinctive furniture are possible to augment the feel of your office.

With a little artistic creativity, you can transform your interior or exterior into any kind of wonderland you can imagine through custom plastics from places like Productive Plastics. More customers may be drawn to your business if they can see larger-than-life characters or intriguing objects at your door or in your windows.

More Mirrors

Many business owners underestimate the power of a mirror. Having large mirrors throughout your interior provides several benefits. They reflect light to make the interior brighter, meaning owners can reduce lighting needs and power bills. People instinctively check their reflections in a mirror. This can help to sell more clothes, accessories, and similar items. Mirrors also make your spaces seem larger and more upscale. Another advantage is that both customers and employees who know they can be widely seen will be on their best behavior.

A sign in the window or a welcome mat at the door are not exactly original ways to stand apart from the competition. Think creatively effectively promote your business.



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