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How to Start Your Own Milk Tea Business

How to Start Your Own Milk Tea Business

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    Milk tea, aka bubble tea shop, has been a popular beverage for Filipino consumers.

    In order to start your own milk tea business, you need to know about the different kinds of ingredients for milk tea products.


Here are the basic ingredients – they include: milk, sugar, creamers, water, artificial sweeteners, syrup, powder flavoring, tea powder, ice and water, pearls, and finally, the most popular ingredient is the tapioca.

These are just the basic ingredients that you can make, but you can also offer a diverse menu to your customers.

However, you also need to get your own basic bubble tea equipment, such as a sealing machine that you can use while making the Milk Tea.

Here we got some tips on how to set up your own milk tea store:

Be original

Remember, always remind yourself that you’re not the only one who sells milk tea in your area. In order to stand out from other milk tea businesses, you need to distance yourself from your competitors.

Try to be original and don’t copy their own style (the way they make their own bubble tea or milk tea).

Study your business

Before starting your shops, be sure that you study and learn more about how your business grows and understand what your consumers want.

Try to make different options for younger consumers and to older consumers. These also include students and working people as well as male or female consumers that want different flavors or recipes.

Select your best recipe

Once you figure out what they love to drink, select your best milk tea and offer different choices of milk tea products. And let them choose what they want but of course, don’t forget to include the preferences of your target market.

If you have a consumer who doesn’t like to drink sweet bubble tea, then be sure that you offer a sugar-free option for your health-conscious consumers.

other valuable tips:

Love your business and your employees

In order to be successful in your milk tea or bubble tea business, you should love your business as well as your employees.  Because if you love your employees, they will also love your business, and they will give 100% good service to your consumers and to your target customers.

Market your milk tea or bubble tea

This is very important these days. Market your business on social media. So, be sure that you take advantage of creating social media, like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a website blog. Don’t forget to promote your business. Invite your friends on social media to try your products for free.

This will be the start of your milk tea or bubble tea business if your products are good enough for your consumers.

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