How Your Business Can Do Its Part During COVID-19

How Your Business Can Do Its Part During COVID-19
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    Right now is a stressful time to conduct business.

    With so much economic upheaval as people shelter in place, businesses and the people who run them are struggling with stress, the pressure to adapt, and more.


While this is a crucible moment for many, the coronavirus pandemic also represents an opportunity for businesses to give back to others who are hurting even worse.

To learn how your business can do its part during COVID-19, read our brief guide.

Take Care of Your Employees

First, take care of your employees during this time. You have the most direct contact with them, of all people, and can take care of them in several ways. While on the job, clearly implement responsible sanitation and assessment measures so your employees can feel more comfortable about their health while they work.

These include supplying masks and gloves, requiring a temperature check upon entry, maintaining six feet of physical distance, and more.

Such measures lessen the stress they feel at work and remove some of their worries about potentially getting their families sick when they go home.

Beyond keeping them healthy, communicating clearly with employees throughout this period and finding creative ways to prevent layoffs is important.

Many people fear for their jobs during this time and want to know more about how the company is faring.

Be honest about how current events are affecting you, and consider creative solutions. You can encourage workers to take paid time off, institute incremental unpaid time off, decrease wages for a time, slash executives’ pay, and seek out government assistance.

Though many of these solutions have some negative effects, they can help save people their livelihood during this crisis.

Serve Those in Need

Additionally, your business can do its part during COVID-19 by serving those in need, perhaps even by adapting your product or service to do so. As the multi-faceted consequences of this pandemic continue to set in, the most disadvantaged feel the pinch even more.

One sign of this is the trail of cars outside food banks all over the country. In total, millions of people inundate food banks that don’t have the resources to meet those needs, and many of these people are those already living on a razor’s edge before the pandemic.

If your business is in the food and beverage industry, consider meeting some of this need with the inventory you have on hand. While this gives you a sense of purpose, it may also gain you some customer loyalty later.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus has hit the senior demographic particularly hard right now. Susceptible to the disease, they fear leaving their homes and face significant daily stress.

There are several ways your business can serve the elderly population during this time, one of which involves expanding your delivery services so senior consumers can access what they need.

other valuable tips:

Give Customers Information and Support

Finally, your customers could use some clear information and support during this time. To further educate them on the effects of the coronavirus, post or email about safe sanitation practices, particularly relating to your product. Show them how you’re taking precautions to set their minds at ease.

Besides this, prioritize your caring customer support during this chaotic time. While many customers will be on edge about several things, your team can be a welcome voice of compassion and stability throughout. Tasking your team with the goal of relentless compassion would also give them some added purpose during this difficult time.

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