The Benefits of Using Reach Trucks

The Benefits of Using Reach Trucks
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    Forklifts are an effective tool for transporting products around the workplace, but you have to be sure you're using the right one for the right job.

    One of the many types of forklifts on the market is a reach truck.


In the right conditions, the benefits of using reach trucks can make an extremely positive impact on workplace productivity.

Reach Great Heights

As the name suggests, reach trucks are a great tool for reaching great heights. In fact, some models can reach upward of 30 feet in the air. What makes this such a great benefit is the fact that you can store pallets on tall racking units if your facility has enough vertical space.

This might not sound immediately beneficial, but the reason this is useful is that it allows you to make better use of the floor space below. Instead of taking up unnecessary floor space with storage racks, you can build them upward and leave extra space below for equipment or other items that aid in your everyday work tasks.

Maneuver Narrow Aisles

Something you probably won’t be able to ascertain from its name is the ability of reach trucks to maneuver through narrow aisles safely and efficiently. This is thanks to its design, which is slimmer than other bulkier types of forklifts. A reach truck’s ability to maneuver narrow aisles is another great attribute to your storage space.

With one of these trucks in your inventory, you can build more storage racks closer together without having to worry about it complicating the operator’s ability to complete daily tasks.

Maximize Workplace Efficiency

When analyzing your current workflow for improvement, consider stacking materials two pallets deep. Doing this is a great way to maximize space and productivity in your storage racks. However, not all types of forklifts can properly store and retrieve pallets that are stacked that deep.

One advantage of using reach trucks is that they can accomplish this action with ease. Even when taking advantage of the first two points on this list, you won’t be using a reach truck to its fullest potential if you’re not using this storage optimizing method.

Be Wary of Floor Conditions

While this isn’t one of the benefits of using reach trucks, it’s still an important factor you need to know about. Due to their ability to work effectively in outdoor conditions, you might assume that reach trucks can maneuver over uneven terrain, but that’s not the case. Due to the low clearance of the reach truck’s undercarriage, it’s important to only use them on level surfaces.

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Now that you know what makes this type of forklift so special, you can make the right call on whether a reach truck would be beneficial to your workflow. As with any type of forklift, it’s also important to enforce the right safety practices among your operators. While reach trucks are a great asset to warehouses, they can become a major safety hazard in the wrong hands.

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