Standard Regulations for CDL Truck Drivers

Standard Regulations for CDL Truck Drivers
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    All truck drivers must become and remain credentialed in order to keep their positions on the road carrying and transporting goods across the nation.


Before making it into the lightning round of CDL training, you must first pass an initial inspection of your own to see if you qualify. To possess these qualifications, you must be standardized into employment by things like your legal age so that you can be verified to work and travel out of state and become licensed.

And because this is a position that revolves itself around driving, it’s of the utmost importance that you have this qualification first, due to it being the most difficult to achieve and maintain. If your license is suspended or revoked, you may not be able to attend your training. Here are the standard regulations for CDL truck drivers to get started in the truck driving industry.

Keep It Legal

A few things must happen before being accepted into CDL school to obtain certification of license. As policy and procedure, you must first have a legal and valid driver’s license.

If you are in good standing, you can then begin training if you are over the age of 18. The only problem you might face now is that until the age of 21, you cannot pass over the state line to carry freight, so you will have to work within your current state.

This is a good thing, as you will need at least two years of experience behind your belt before you can pass your certification. In this time, you can have no suspensions or credits on your license from traffic violations if you are to begin and finish your training.

Medical Testing

The second step to finishing your qualifications is to obtain a medical examiner’s certification from a medical practitioner wherever you are. This will consist of a physical and mental examination to determine whether you are fit for duty as a long-distance truck driver.

In this profession, there are many obstacles and conditions that put stress on the mind and body, so before ever being put on duty, you must be cleared by a medical professional. Once cleared, you and the truck driving industry will know that you can handle the job consistently and without any major issues.

The Eight Hour Rule

There have been several problems with time regulation in the truck driving industry. As an effort to snuff this out, guidelines have been mandated so that every trucker can have a fair and safe ride while they work to earn their pay.

This simply means that, while on the road, truckers are not allowed to drive any longer than eight hours per shift. Because they are paid by the mile, it is up to them to manage their time and when they make stops and breaks for themselves, but this hasn’t been enforced as strongly as it now.

Weigh stations and truck stops are one way to avoid drivers from overcompensation and being on the road too long. The highway patrol also keeps its eyes out.

One of the biggest issues that arise from this is truckers falling asleep at the wheel. So, make sure that when you start driving you track your hours and get an adequate amount of sleep. This is why there are standard regulations for CDL truck drivers in place for health and safety while on the road.

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