Tips for Making Your Warehouse Safer

Tips for Making Your Warehouse Safer
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    Your warehouse is like the heart of your distribution center.

    It's where products flow in from suppliers and get shipped out to customers that are eagerly awaiting their delivery.


Having a bustling warehouse is natural, but the busy environment combined with heavy equipment can be a massive safety hazard. Maintaining a secure and safe work environment for your employees is an essential part of running an effective warehouse. In this guide, we’ll go over some tips for making your warehouse safer so you can prevent injuries and make sure your employees have the knowledge and equipment to perform at their best.

Train Your Employees

It’s important to train your employees when they first start working at the warehouse, but you’ll also want to regularly hold refresher training sessions in warehouse practices and safety. There are plenty of reasons to hold a refresher training session. Your workers might forget valuable knowledge as time goes on, there might be a new set of safety standards that they’re not aware of, or some of the upgraded equipment might have them stumped. You should also have a set of formal, written warehouse safety standards that’s posted in a frequently trafficked location where your employees can review them as necessary. This gives them a quick, easy way to refresh themselves on the warehouse’s safety policies.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Another tip for making your warehouse safer is to prepare yourself for the winter and summer. The weather and extreme temperatures can have a huge impact on your warehouse’s operation. During the freezing, wet winter, you’ll want to balance comfort and safety. Your employees should be able to wear comfortable, insulated clothing as long as it doesn’t restrict movement or is loose enough to get caught in the machinery. In summer, it’s important to monitor your employees for signs of heat stroke and provide them with enough cold water to drink.

Keep Your Loading Docks Safe

Your warehouse’s loading dock is full of heavy vehicles, employees, and cargo. If the proper safety precautions aren’t being taken, they can collide with each other and cause an accident. The edge of the dock is especially dangerous. If employees aren’t paying attention to where they’re going, they can trip and fall. To prevent this, you can place signs or brightly colored tape along the edge of your loading dock. You should also make sure that the dock plates are secured, that weight capacities are being followed, that the dock’s stairs and ladders have handrails, and that forklifts aren’t backing up all the way to the dock’s edge.

Conduct Safety Sweeps

Your employees can follow the safety instructions you provide them with, but they might not know how to identify certain hazards. Conducting daily, weekly, or monthly safety sweeps will ensure that the proper procedures are being followed and allow you to check for potential safety hazards. You should make sure that the loading bay doors are clear, that your employees can see around corners, the floors are free of slipping or tripping hazards, and that there aren’t any unexpected or hard-to-see hazards that could lead to an accident down the line.

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