Common Functions of a Hydraulic Press Brake

Common Functions of a Hydraulic Press Brake


The roles will differ depending on the type of valve installed. These are the common functions of a hydraulic press brake.

Directional Valve in Hydraulic Press Brake

In this valve type, communication between the cut-off point of two hydraulic circuits can control the direction of the start, finish, and stopping motions of the actuator when required. The actuator is the cylinder or motor of the hydraulic press brake.

Relief Valve in Hydraulic Press Brake

This type of valve limits the pressure of the valves being used. The valve type helps protect the components and pipelines of the hydraulic press by preventing the chance that it will become congested and explode.

When the pressure reaches its limit, the relief valve will release itself by opening a closed valve, which will then cause the flow of the pressure to go back through the valve port.

When energy is lost, this is generally due to how high the oil temperature in a hydraulic press brake rises.

Flow Valve in Hydraulic Press Brake

This valve controls the hydraulic actuator speed. The function attempts to achieve changing the size of a cross-sectional area inside a throttle.

The flow valve part changes the volume rate of the actuator. This valve is easy to fit with both the throttle valve and the speed control valve.

Check Valve in Hydraulic Press Brake

This valve acts as a checkpoint. It’ll block the pressure going in one direction and will cause it to drift into another.

This valve helps conceal parts that come in spherical shapes and cone and plate-valve forms. The spring force in this valve gives out when the sealing portion is released.

Two-Way Cartridge Valve in Hydraulic Press Brake

A two-way cartridge is made to resemble a plug that usually is installed into a compact control unit. The cover plate here works as a way to connect the main valve to the pilot.

When this valve controls the main controller with a pilot spigot, it’ll create the pressure, reverse, or throttling functions separately or as a combination of them. This function will include the directional, overflow, decompression, and sequence controls.

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Proportional Valve in Hydraulic Press Brake

A proportional valve will provide a necessary change for the output pressure or flow at the same percentage as the input change. These valves are easy to connect, as the output used in one valve can be used in another.

The hydraulic press brake has many functions, but these are the most common functions of a hydraulic press brake that you’ll use. The parts all work together to create projects and prevent damage from ensuing in your factory.

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