Everyday Applications of Gearboxes

Everyday Applications of Gearboxes
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    One might not even know what a gearbox is, let alone realize how many different types of applications they have. The use of gearboxes goes beyond what you might assume and further than most people could even imagine.


For a quick run through as to what gearboxes can be used for, we have provided the list below. It provides further insight into a few of the many applications of gearboxes.

Take a look at the applications listed below and start educating yourself on this topic today!


This industry uses industrial gears and gearboxes, including bevel and helical models that increase torque in the engines and reduce speed when the cement is being processed. Basically, the cement industry uses industrial gearboxes because they can alter the torque and extend the maximum possible extent. It is a crucial part of this business, and the system could not go on without it.

Oil and Gas

Numerous pieces of equipment that are used when processing oil and gas contain gearboxes. They are critical components of the systems that allow for the processes to be completed at the rate and efficiency necessary for the job.

The element and piece of equipment will determine which gear will need to be used.

Marine and Shipbuilding

In this specific application, gearboxes have a large job. The job of the gearbox is to transmit the power of both diesel engines to a variable pitch propeller. These are highly utilized in this industry.

Without the gearboxes, marine equipment and ships might not have the power to work the way they need to. In this way, it is very clear to see why gearboxes are so important in the marine and shipbuilding industries.


Who would have ever thought that gearboxes would play a large role in the sugar industry? Well, they do! The gearboxes are utilized in cane sugar plant production, juice purification, and by-products recycling applications.

They are used in these areas because they are cost-effective and flexible units. The operations run smoothly because of these gearboxes.

Rubber and Plastics

Gearboxes in this specific application are generally used for mixing lines, two-roll mills, and extrusion. Normally, the gearbox is located in the output shaft, where it is connected to the mixer by mill spindles and gear couplings.

Without it, the production and process would not work as smoothly and efficiently.

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These five industries mentioned above only scratch the surface of applications of gearboxes. In addition to the five mentioned above, there are many others that you may want to look into on your own, including rail vehicles, hydropower, turbo, recycling and processing, and machine tools.

Understanding the use of gearboxes and seeing how versatile they really are solidifies the importance of this device as a whole. Understanding how gearboxes work in various scenarios also allows you to understand how many different designs and customizations are available.

Image Credit: applications of gearboxes by twenty20.com

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