Effects Seasonal Weather Has on Parking Lots

Effects Seasonal Weather Has on Parking Lots
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    When property managers and business owners don’t provide proper maintenance for parking lots, the weather can wreak havoc on the lots.

    Different factors can damage asphalt, so let’s look at some of the effects season weather has on parking lots.



The weather begins to warm up, and down comes the rain and sunshine. It can be easy to forget about parking lot maintenance when you’re busy tending to other spring cleaning projects, but springtime poses a few potential threats. Heavy rainfall is only going to make existing cracks in the asphalt worse. Water will sink deep into the asphalt and expands. Plus, when you allow water to seep in, moisture forms between the subsurface and the bottom of the structure, causing areas to sink and leading to pooling water.

Furthermore, since the temperatures rise in the spring, the snow from winter begins to melt. If you had piles of plowed or shoveled snow in your lot, this influx of moisture could lead to cracks or uneven surfaces. And if your lot already had a lot of damage, the melting snow will only make it worse.


Summer is a time of high heat, and it’s potentially a busier time of the year for your parking lot. Extreme heat is one of the leading causes of damage to parking lots. The intense UV rays beat down, causing deterioration and fading the lines on the surface. The high temperatures also tear the asphalt away from the subsurface, weakening the parking lot and making it vulnerable to potholes.


Autumn is typically the mildest of the four seasons. You may have to dodge some scattered showers, but the cooler weather creates a better atmosphere. Use this time wisely to assess any damage to your parking lot, and then call the professionals to come out and perform any maintenance your lot needs. They’ll be able to fill any potholes and cracks just in time for winter.


Weather during the colder months can be completely unpredictable. If you live in the northern part of the country, especially, this time of the year is full of crazy weather such as ice, snow, and freezing rain. Winter is the time of year when your parking lot sees the most damage, so it’s crucial to inspect it all season long.

The deicing agents you use to keep your sidewalk and parking lot free of ice can weaken the asphalt over time. Temperatures also fluctuate for long periods during the winter, meaning your parking lot is going to continue to expand and contract with each freezing and defrosting. You may also have to deal with local snow companies ripping up asphalt with their plows. The snow then becomes heavily compacted in piles around your parking lot, contributing to wear and tear on the lot. The weight of these piles alone can cause severe damage.

The changing seasons are fun to watch and experience, but they may not be so fun when you’re dealing with the effects that the seasonal weather has on parking lots. Draw up a complete maintenance checklist for your parking lot, and make sure to adhere to it all year long to ensure your lot lasts as long as possible.

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