How To Identify a Dead Electrical Outlet

How To Identify a Dead Electrical Outlet
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    In a busy office or workspace, a dead electrical outlet can slow down everyone’s productivity.


Additionally, dead outlets can be dangerous since they’re some of the top causes of electrical damage in a commercial building. However, if you’re not an electrician, it can be difficult to tell if an electrical outlet is dead or malfunctioning. Learn how to identify a dead electrical outlet and fix it with these easy steps.

1. Make Sure the Appliance Works

When you notice a shredder, printer, coffee maker, or another electronic machine in your office isn’t working, you might need to check for a dead outlet. Before you do this, make sure that the appliance works by plugging it into another outlet. If it works with another outlet, and nothing works with the previous one, you might have a dead outlet in your office space.

2. Test Other Outlets

While you check the appliance mentioned in step one, you can also test other outlets. To do this, switch the office lights and other devices on and off to see if they work correctly. If everything functions as it should, the one malfunctioning outlet is most likely dead.

3. Check the Breaker Panel

Before you hire an electrician to fix an issue, you should check the breaker panel. This is relatively easy to do yourself, and it could save you time and money. First, you need to locate the circuit panel for your building. Then, open the metal door that covers the panel so that you can see the fuses. The next step you need to do is find the tripped breaker. This breaker is the one that doesn’t line up with the rest. Once you find the tripped breaker, you can reset it.

4. Reset the Breaker

After you locate the tripped breaker on the breaker panel, you can reset it. To reset a breaker, the first thing you need to do is switch the breaker off. You should hear a click as you do this. Next, you need to push the tripped breaker firmly back to the “on” position. Doing this should reset the breaker and restore electricity to the outlet.

5. Bring In the Professionals

You reset the breaker for the dead outlet by following the first four steps. However, if this does not fix the problem, there is probably a larger electrical issue at hand. Because dealing with electrical problems yourself is dangerous and sometimes illegal, it’s best to call the professionals to fix the issue in your office at this point.

The steps listed above tell you how to identify a dead electrical outlet and fix it by resetting the breaker. Remember, if resetting the breaker does not solve the issue, your safest option is to call experienced professionals and allow a licensed electrician to find and fix the problem in your building. They’ll be able to identify the root of the problem and return the outlet to a functioning condition.

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