Temperature Wars: 3 Tips For Keeping Your Employees Happy

Temperature Wars: 3 Tips For Keeping Your Employees Happy
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    As a business owner, you understandably want your employees to be as comfortable as possible while at work because this promotes efficiency.


After all, when workers are too warm or cold, their attention may easily be diverted away from their daily activities, and they may focus on finding extra layers to put on or taking other steps to stay comfortable while indoors.

The last thing you want to start is a temperature war with numerous thermostat adjustments each day. This can create tension and discord in the workplace. You can prevent temperature wars in your workplace by following a few tips.

Service Your HVAC System

A poorly maintained HVAC system may turn on and off more frequently than usual, or it may run for longer periods of time than it needs to. This means that employees who sit underneath the vents may be exposed more climate-controlled air than those who sit farther away. It can even create drafts in the space. When you set up periodic maintenance service on your system, you can help it to the function optimally. This decreases the amount of time your system runs over the course of the day and promotes a more even temperature throughout the space. Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc. can help you with all of your serving needs.

Invest in Vent Shields

While some employees enjoy the cool or warm gust of air from an HVAC system, others are miserable when drafts blow on their skin. You can more easily maintain the environment in your space while keeping gusts of air off of your employees by purchasing vent shields. These are special shields that are placed directly over your air vents, and they serve the purpose of funneling the breeze of climate-controlled air away from someone who is sitting directly in the air’s path.

Lock Your Thermostat Settings

These steps can drastically reduce your employees’ desire to adjust the thermostat, but some adjustments may still be made. You may have carefully selected the settings on your thermostat so that most are comfortable, but this decision can be circumvented when employees are given access to thermostat settings. Some thermostats can be locked with a pass code, and this may be a feasible option for you if you have employees who cannot resist the urge to adjust the thermostat.

There are many steps that business owners can and should take to minimize the likelihood of a temperature war raging in the workplace. Scheduling regular service on your system is a smart step to take to keep your HVAC unit operating with peak efficiency. In addition, consider investing in a lockable thermostat and vent guards for your office. These steps ultimately will help to keep all of your employees more comfortable and focused on their responsibilities.



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