How to Best Manage Your Company Fleet

How to Best Manage Your Company Fleet


Managing a fleet of trucks, whether they’re delivery trucks, service trucks, or otherwise is a difficult task. Keeping track of so many moving parts can be overwhelming, to say the least. Here are some tips to help you better manage your company fleet.

Train Drivers Well

Yes, everyone you hire is going to have a driver’s license, and will probably have a commercial driver’s license. Even so, you should give them extensive training on all parts of your vehicles and driving techniques. Make hard and fast rules about when drivers can drive, where they can drive, and how they should drive (following traffic laws). Never allow your drivers to go too long without a rest break. Don’t create incentives that force drivers to be on the road for dangerous amounts of time. Too many traffic accidents are caused by people falling asleep at the wheel—don’t let that be your driver!

Good Insurance

Investing in good insurance for your trucks and drivers is a must. Don’t use this expense to skimp and save on business costs. Accidents do happen and whether they are the fault of the driver or somebody else, good insurance will make all the difference. You will have a better peace of mind knowing your drivers are properly insured.

Maintain Cars and Trucks

Make sure your cars and trucks are properly maintained. Proper maintenance is essential to the safety of your drivers. Take them into the mechanic regularly to receive maintenance checks and oil changes. Rotate tires regularly and replace them when it is time. While you may let maintenance on your personal car slip a little bit, the maintenance on your company fleet should work like clockwork. Always keep it registered and ready to pass safety and emissions tests. Your drivers are much safer this way. For examples of the variety of company vehicles available, check out Western Truck Body Mfg. or a vendor in your area.

Develop Good Relationships with Drivers

When you have a good relationship with your drivers, you can help make sure they are doing the best possible job. You can better ensure that they take their breaks regularly and following safety guidelines and precautions. Developing a good relationship with your drivers means they will represent your company well while out on the road and in public. You can feel better knowing the type of people driving your company fleet.

Managing your company fleet can be an overwhelming job, but it’s not impossible. You will find with these tips the job will become easier. Keeping your drivers safe and your trucks maintained is the best line of defense when sending your trucks out on to the road.



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