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Convention Coming Up? 4 Ways to Prepare Your Business

Convention Coming Up? 4 Ways to Prepare Your Business
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    The conventions in your industry are some of the best marketing opportunities of the entire year.

    However, you will need to prepare your business for the onslaught of preparation that you must do upfront as well as the traffic that you will surely generate on the back end.


Here are five ways that you can get your company up to speed.

Decide on Your Personnel

The people that your clients will see at a convention represent your entire company. Make sure that you send the people who have shown you an ability to network and create goodwill, not just sell, sell, sell. Save enough money to bring the appropriate amount of people to the convention. Do not overwork your staff at a convention for the sake of saving your company the expense of a single plane ticket. If it costs you a bit more to get the people that you need, the morale that you will create for your staff will far outweigh the cost.

Research the Location

Get the floor plan of the convention ahead of time and work out a backup plan if something changes. In most cases, you will have to change something about your setup. However, if you have to change your layout because of the convention promoters, this is not something that your potential clients will know about or care about. They can only judge you by the presentation that they see. You will want to have an easily mobile Truss Kits exhibition stand so that you can create a great set up no matter the floor plan that you end up with.

Set Up for an Increase in Traffic

If you conduct yourself properly at a convention, you will most definitely receive an increase in traffic and connections afterwards. Make sure that you have an email host and a phone line system that can handle a spike in traffic. There is nothing worse than creating more business for yourself just be unable to actually process it once it comes in.

Give Your Staff Time to Rehearse and Prepare

You do not want your people flying off the cuff during the convention. Make sure that you go over situations in the office before they face them in the real world.

Following the strategies above will certainly give you a leg up on your competition when it comes to conventions. Make sure that you always keep the morale of the company up so that when you present yourself, you can do so with your best foot forward.



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