Making Your Mark: Ideas to Give Your Business a Better Image

Making Your Mark: Ideas to Give Your Business a Better Image
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    It’s a new year and you’re ready to evaluate your business as a whole.

    What was the impact you made in the community?


Did you gain new customers? Did you make more money than in years previously? You might even send out a survey to current customers to get an idea of what mark your business has made in their minds. Here are a few tips to really give your company’s image a significant boost before your next survey hits the street.

Revising Customer Service

The biggest complaints companies receive originate in customer service. When a customer visits your store or place of business, they expect to be confronted with a helpful and upbeat staff. If these expectations are not met, what customers walk away with, is a dull and uninteresting experience, or even worse, a frustrating one.

When your staff is trained to give customers a reason to smile, it goes a long way to improving your company’s image overall. When you go that extra mile to provide your customers and clients with excellent customer service, this not only helps your company’s image, but it also tends to bring repeat business and word of mouth advertising for you as well.

Send a Nice Note to Loyal Customers

Customers who frequent your establishment regularly deserve genuine recognition. Without these customers, your business would not be in business for very long. Collecting contact information from these customers and sending them quality reminders through the mail of upcoming sales and offers is always a nice way to get loyal customers thinking about your company. Sweetening the deal with a little added discount incentive on purchases at checkout is never a bad idea either.

Giving Back to the Community

One way to build a stronger rapport for your business is to get involved in your community. Being present at major events and providing various types of support for these events will help to get you spoken kindly of in local media outlets. Giving away products at these events is also a great way to grab customers who may not be all that aware of your business, or what it does for the community in which it resides. A lot of companies fail to grasp the importance of showing their community how involved they truly are on the local scene. By all accounts, companies who do not participate much in their local community are creating an image and marketing disaster for themselves that is easily avoided.

Supporting Local Athletes and Celebrities

Another way to reach beyond your general niche is to provide support for a local athlete or celebrity. Whether you are sponsoring their next big trip, or helping them stock up on ASEA supplements, being aligned with a local figure will give you major access to that individual’s fan base. They will start to recognize your company and can get you a little more interest in the public sphere. In this capacity your company is in part a team player, not just a company that pitches products and services.

Hopefully with a bit of hard work and strategizing you can come up with a way to get your company recognized and gain a bigger base of new customers and clients. Don’t forget to network online and connect with partners who may be able to help you find a better way to make an impact in your community. The key is support. Find causes and events to support and only give what you can afford. In no time that survey will come back with a better first impression from you.



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