3 Ways to Create a Business Community Through Marketing

3 Ways to Create a Business Community Through Marketing
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    Modern day consumers inherently want businesses to create community through marketing.

    With social media, consumers want more than a product.

    They want a lifestyle and other people like them with whom to connect.


For many companies, this comes as no surprise. The idea makes sense, but the ability to create community through marketing is far more difficult than it seems. Being able to create a branded community to target customers requires time and understanding.

Understand Your Core Demographic

This seems like an easy step. A company provides a product or service with a group of people in mind. With this in mind, the marketing plan starts talking to that group of people. However, when marketing on social media, unintended demographics may take an interest in the product. Delving into the metrics of this can seem overwhelming.

Small businesses don’t have the resources to purchase big data products. This means that engaging in the social media more actively is the way to determine the core values of the demographic. Taking to Twitter or Facebook, a business can ask research type questions and hope to get responses. This not only drive engagement with the consumer but also provides important data points. More importantly, it gives customers the feeling of being involved in the business and builds the sense of community.

Share, Share, Share

Businesses set out to make a profit which may make the idea of sharing like-minded businesses, also thought of as competitors, counterintuitive. In creating community through marketing, however, the goal is to position your business as being an expert in that field. The only way to prove that a business has something new or different to offer in a market space is to show off the market.

GreenGoodnessCo provides a perfect example of this. Healthy lifestyle blogs are all over the internet. The platform turned itself into a "go to" read by not only promoting its own expertise but by including other bloggers and organizations that add to it. By doing this, readers can see where in the healthy lifestyle market Green Goodness distinguishes itself from other similar content. This helps in positioning them as an expert in the field while also showcasing them as a community with multiple members.

Find the Influencers

Influencers matter when looking to create community through marketing. Understanding the market means understanding whose opinion can best help. People with strong influence can help connect a business with the customers it needs. With so many voices in social media, finding the right influencers feels daunting. Finding the right social media management tools matters to make this a more efficient process. To help create community through marketing, find a tool that not only discovers those with subject matter expertise but also helps filter, manage, engage, monitor, and support.

Consumers ask to be more than deep pockets. In the social media age, they want to be partners with businesses and feel like part of a community. To create community through marketing, businesses need to evaluate their online presence and image.



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