Why Being an Entrepreneur Can Rock Your World

Why Being an Entrepreneur Can Rock Your World
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    Working for yourself certainly has some advantages and a few disadvantages.

    One big advantage is that you are the master of your destiny.

    A notable disadvantage is that money may not always be freely forthcoming, especially at the start of your business.


In any case if you decide to pursue all things entrepreneurship, you may find that this choice can rock your world.

  • 1. Your dream can become a reality.

    A lot of people toil throughout their lives, earning a living, but failing to really live while they earn. If you are the type of person who cannot imagine working for someone else until you can no longer work, then entrepreneurship may be right for you. Dream big and begin to work out a plan to turn that dream into a reality.

  • 2. Branding is up to you.

    If you develop a product or a service from the ground up, you’re the master of your branding destiny. This means that everything about the product or service you provide is in your hands — no one else can dictate how you market or reach your client base. It is a level of freedom important to some entrepreneurs, especially PR and advertising types that value their freedom.

  • 3. You can change the market.

    Your idea, big or small, can change the market. Whether that market be localized or large, your impact can be great.

    For instance, if you have a new product that has a strong change agent factor to it, you might disrupt the market, but in a positive way. That alone is enough to get some entrepreneurs fired up to pursue their dream.

  • 4. Boredom is a concept foreign to you.

    Start your own business and it is doubtful that you will ever say, “I am bored!” Instead, you may find that you have more things to handle than you can possibly attack on any given day.

    Behind the desk or out in the field working for someone else may have left you bored and tired of the tedium. When working for yourself you will enjoy a whole, new experience of excitement.

  • 5. The only barriers are the ones you erect.

    Entrepreneurs often get started because they faced a barrier in what they had done previously. Age, race and gender are among the restrictions that haunt some workers, what may take years or a lifetime to overcome. When you are the master of your destiny, there is no glass ceiling to hold you down.

  • 6. You place tremendous value on what you do.

    Work for someone else and you may never feel valued. Furthermore, you may believe that your worth is severely diminished. You can overcome these restrictions by working for yourself and assigning the value you believe that you are worth to the work that you get done.

  • 7. A hobby can become a work option.

    For some entrepreneurs, a hobby can become a full-time pursuit. Imagine that — something you really like to do is what supports your livelihood. There are not too many people that can say that — but for those that can they may find immense satisfaction in all that they do.

  • 8. Time is all yours.

    When you work as an entrepreneur, you decide how much you want to work and when. Generally, you will work more hours than you ever did, but you probably won’t much care or notice. That isn’t something most workers can say who must be at work at a certain time, clock in, and do their jobs. You decide when you want to work, when you will take off and close up for the day.

  • 9. Flexibility like you never thought possible.

    One of the biggest hindrances of working for any company is making that move to a new business model or product plan. Companies have layers of bureaucracy that must be managed and oftentimes the idea is shot down by micro managers. For the entrepreneur, you don’t have to deal with managers as you are the manager. Moreover, if you want to quickly pivot to react to market changes, you can, thereby beating your competition.

  • 10. Appreciation is easier to gauge.

    Sure, as an entrepreneur you open yourself up to a lot of risks. The risk of rejection. The risk of falling down on your face. The risk of client push back. You also risk receiving appreciation, what many of us enjoy and need. Now that is the type of risk worth taking!

The Happy Entrepreneur

True, you will have good days and you will have bad days as an entrepreneur. However, it is entirely likely that you will find the challenges of entrepreneurship more to your liking than working for someone else. If so, then pursue your passion and never look back!

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