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Create a Foolproof Business Plan with These Tips

Create a Foolproof Business Plan with These Tips
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    Being able to create a business plan doesn't give you a guarantee of success.

    You have to make something that generates actual profit and not just some fancy stuff that looks and sounds cool (if you want bankers, capitalists, etc. to get in your business, that is).


The tips below can help you come up with a plan that will not only attract investors but will bring you closer to financial freedom:

Keep Competitors in Mind

One of the reasons why business owners fail is that they usually ignore competing businesses when creating business strategies. List down all your possible competitors; learn about how and what keeps them going. This is so you can come up with better ideas and implement marketing strategies that can make you stand out from the competition.

Plan with Your Audience in Mind

Bankers, group capitalists and individual investors may have different preferences. It would be best if you make more than one version of your business plan that’s tailor made for each member of your audience. This may require you to set several business plan presentations for each investor.

Always Have Proof for Every Claims You Make

If you expect your business to get ROI in a few minutes then you should explain how it will happen. Present facts and figures. You don’t want to say your business will start raking in profits just because you have a hunch about it. Investors get turned off with claims that can’t be backed up with facts. Always have an objective explanation with every claim that you make.

Conservatism with Financial Estimates Helps

If you think your business will be able to capture 60% of the market share, you can explain why you think it will. However, it is always a good practice to make conservative estimates. If your projections say that the business will capture 60% of the market, you may want to decrease it to 40%. After all, unexpected things happen in the real world and as such, figures may not always go with your projections.

Plan with Limited Resources in Mind

A business owner working with a big company will tend to be overly optimistic with time and resources. It would be no surprise if he fails when something unexpected happens. Also, most investors and finance managers would want a plan that can work even with limited resources. So, create your plan like you don’t have much.

A plan determines the success of a future company and is what would want investors to get in your business. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create a plan that not only attracts capitalists but also profit.



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