The Benefits of Porta Potties at Your Construction Site

The Benefits of Porta Potties at Your Construction Site
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    Every person has to use the restroom at some point during the day.

    That's why it's crucial to have the proper facilities available at your job sites for your employees to relieve themselves without any hassle.


If there aren’t convenient and accessible restroom facilities already near a construction site, you should consider renting porta-potties. When you do this, your workers will have easy access to bathrooms when they need them.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of porta-potties at your construction site.

They Make the Job Site Safer

Construction workers must perform their duties in a variety of different job sites. They can work miles away from town on buildings, for instance. Also, they can work on busy intersections to fill in potholes.

Eventually, everyone will have to use the restroom. If they don’t have safe and easy access to portable restrooms, they might have to cross over roads with excessive traffic or find themselves in other unsafe scenarios.

Make it easy and secure for your employees by having porta-potties near them.

They Meet Workers Needs

It’s not a given that a construction site will have restrooms nearby. You can solve this problem by renting portable toilets to have at the job site until you finish your project.

It’s also a good idea to have hand sanitizing stations nearby so that workers can keep themselves clean. Having these facilities guarantees employees can fulfill any of their restroom needs, including relieving themselves and sanitizing their hands.

They Boost Productivity and Employee Morale

Not having access to restrooms near a construction site can cause a significant amount of discomfort and unhappiness in workers. These feelings can lead to delays and accidents on the job, as discomfort and pain can lead to a lack of focus.


The absence of bathrooms can also eat up valuable time when workers must go across the street or go up and down on the elevator to find the nearest indoor toilet. Portable restrooms solve that problem.

They Can Be Requirements

One of the most significant benefits of porta-potties at your construction site is that you’ll be following the law. It can be a legal requirement for companies to supply portable restrooms for their employees in many cases.

OSHA standard number 1915.88 states that “the employer shall provide adequate and readily accessible sanitation facilities.” The regulations for how many facilities you need to have available will depend on how many workers you have at any given time on a construction site.

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OSHA guidelines say you need at least one toilet for each gender for 1 to 15 employees, two for every gender when you have 16 to 35 employees, and so on.

When you’re organizing your next construction project, remember to think about your employees’ needs. This way, you can keep them safe, happy, and productive.

You’ll also ensure you meet regulations. Find a reliable local business to rent from, and your workers will thank you.

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