Efficiency Expert: 5 Tips to Increase Company-Wide Productivity

Efficiency Expert: 5 Tips to Increase Company-Wide Productivity
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    Getting a return on investment is essential to business profits, and that includes your employees and processes.

    Optimizing production isn't easy, given all the variables and risks involved.


It takes some careful planning and consistency. However, here are some tips to boost productivity in all your operations.

1. Reduce Waste

"Lean manufacturing" is about reducing waste of all kinds. It’s a concept that can be applied to every business activity. Start by diagramming workflows to understand what’s taking place, and how, in every task. Look for ways to conserve materials, save time, and reduce costs. Excessive movement, miscommunication, or inadequate training are just some of the things that might be affecting productivity. Constantly look for and resolve situations that waste time and money.

2. Limit Distractions

Anything that isn’t part of the actual work needed is limiting productivity. Two of the biggest business distractions are email and meetings. You probably have enough distractions without being copied on emails from people looking to resolve conflicts or gain your support. Insist that employees communicate within their command chains. Also, bear in mind that 46 percent of employees don’t like meetings. Managers should be reminded to restrict meeting invitations to necessary personnel, and set time limits to discourage small talk.

3. Incentivize Employees

You’ll always have employees who put in the minimum amount of effort to keep picking up a paycheck. Provide incentives and recognition for those willing to do more. Small bonuses for the most productive teams or employees could include a day off, gift certificates, and mention in the company newsletter. It’s important that you express appreciation and encouragement for those who excel

4. Provide Some Excitement

Boring routines and surroundings are not motivating. Provide an environment that’s comfortable, visually appealing, and lets employees have a little fun. Hold contests like decorating cubicles or answering trivia questions. Stage fun events like softball games or potluck lunches. Give employees free treats or snacks now and then, especially in the afternoon when energy and focus are fading. Engaged and happy employees are far more productive than dissatisfied ones.

5. Use Technology

There are many software tools that can make your operations more automated and streamlined for improved results. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, for example, provides a central informational source that employees across the company can rely on. There are cloud-based versions available. For instance, the benefits of NetSuite ERP software include transparency, IT savings, and the flexibility for user innovation, all of which accelerate growth.

Regular focus on improving productivity will increase your company’s revenue. It helps build a better company that keeps you competitive.



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