Essential Workplace Safety Tips for Employees and Employers

Essential Workplace Safety Tips for Employees and Employers
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    Employee safety is a big determinant of how well employees work in an organization.

    Being safe at the work place can help boost the productivity of employees in any organization.


Employers try as much as possible to ensure that the safety of their workers is upheld. However, employee safety is an ongoing issue for both the employer and employee. There are tasks that the employee expects the employer to perform to help ensure employee safety. Even with this in mind the employee is also expected to avoid any activities that will put them self in harms way .

Tips for ensuring employee safety

  • The employer should ensure that all employees have the right protective gear according to their place of work or nature of work.
  • Employers have to ensure that any new employee is fully trained to handle any machinery or tools that they use. There should also be regular refresher courses to ensure that employees fully understand how to handle machinery safely.
  • An employer should keep an eye open for any safety hazards at the workplace. They should organize for these hazards to be minimized, isolated or eliminated entirely.
  • First aid facilities should be provided in every organization. An employer should ensure that a first aid kit is bought and made available for employees to use in case of an accident.

Tips for keeping safe as an employee

  • Employees should ensure that they stick to correct procedures and always use the right equipment when required to.
  • Many accidents happen due to mere negligence by employees. The employer may provide personal protective attire for the employees to use. However, if an employee doesn’t use the protective attire then they are putting their own safety at risk.
  • An organization hires new employees from time to time. Fellow employees have a duty to assist the newer employees in the day today activities of the organization.
  • At times there may arise safety concerns that the manager or those in charge haven’t noted. It is the work of the employee to inform the employer of such safety hazards to have them dealt with in time.
  • An employee may pose as a hazard to fellow employees in an organization because they are either too tired, they are stressed or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Every employee should ensure that they are sober and in a conducive working state before reporting to work in the morning.

Employees should be comfortable in their working environment and should report any health hazard to relevant authorities if their employers do not solve the problem. It is the duty of every employee to take care of their health and work in a manner that does not endanger the safety of their fellow employees.



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