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4 Popular Drinks Every Breakroom Should Have

4 Popular Drinks Every Breakroom Should Have
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    The office break room is a great place to relax, share a few laughs and refresh oneself for the rest of the day. As such, it should be stocked with nutritious snacks as well as refreshing beverages that will hydrate and will work as great pick-me-ups.


The four top picks are popular because they appeal to the widest range of people and are healthier than the typical soda machine is.


Of course, coffee is a great choice for most break rooms because it provides the jolt of caffeinated energy that many people need to wake up in the morning and get through the afternoon slump. Instead of sticking with the typical pot of coffee, however, wise employers will really give their employees something to get excited about by providing an office-sized Keurig machine with a wide range of options, such as Starbucks, Caribou Coffee and Seattle’s Best.


Another option for caffeine lovers is tea. While many think of black tea bags with some sugar, tea can actually have many exotic flavors. A great example of this variety includes Teavana’s loose leaf tea, which come in dozens of flavors. Offices can consider green, red and white teas as well as herbal teas for those who prefer to avoid caffeine. Tea can be expensive, but you can make it more affordable with Teavana promo codes from Discountrue.

A complimentary option that can be provided with tea is black seed. Simply add black seed to boiled water, let simmer, and then add it with your favorite tea. Black seed has great nutritional value your employees will enjoy.


Bottled water is a necessity in any break room because it provides the hydration necessary for a healthy body. According to WebMD, water helps control calories by maintaining a full feeling, keeps the skin healthy and provides for normal bowel function. A cooler full of water or a place to fill up a cup with filtered water is a great start.

Flavored Water Beverages

Those who do not like flavorless water will appreciate beverages that are nearly as healthy with a little added flavor. Some options in this category are flavored seltzer water and Vitamin Water. Another option is to provide a drawer full of flavor packets that employees can add to a bottle of water.

Employers can keep their employees happy by providing a wide range of delicious and healthy beverages in the break room. Instead of making employees bring their own beverages, employers can keep it simple by stocking beverages that can be enjoyed a variety of ways, such as with a Keurig or a SodaStream. Hydrated employees are healthier and will be able to give their best efforts to their company.



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