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How to Talk to your Teens about Dangers of Alcohol Consumption

How to Talk to your Teens about Dangers of Alcohol Consumption
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    Teenagers, in every part of the globe, are hardwired to experiment with new things. One of the most common teen problems is their desire to experiment with alcohol.


Now, this can be a serious problem not only as alcohol consumption causes a lot of problems. But also because it is a real possibility that teenagers may abuse alcohol or consume it without discretion. It becomes, therefore, a necessity to talk to teens about many dangers of alcohol consumption.

Tell them about legalities

In most countries, the legal age of drinking is set at 18 years unlike in the USA where it is set at 21 years. There are many discussions over the legal age of drinking in the USA. One article in the Apex Tribune from a while back talks about the advantages and the disadvantages of lowering the legal drinking age lower than the current set at 21 years. There have also been new developments about the lowering the legal drinking age in the USA in recent times. But the onus on making kids aware about legalities of alcohol consumption foremost lies with the parents or the legal guardians.

Teenagers are likely to consume alcohol during parties or college events. Ensure that you talk to your children about the consequences of illegal drinking. You can cite examples or show them newspaper articles about this matter. They must know the serious consequences of getting caught while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Inform them about the dangers

You have to assume that your teens may likely to try alcohol in college or during high school parties. So, do not hesitate to talk to them about dangers related to alcohol consumption such as drunk driving, unruly behavior or lowering of inhibitions.

Students often indulge in acts that damage school property and it can land them in serious trouble. Drunken teens are also more likely to indulge in risky sexual behaviors. Many instances of rapes and sexual assault in colleges are reported after a night of binge drinking.

Kids may already know about these dangers especially about drunk driving. But talking about the issues may reinforce it properly in their minds.

Talk to them about associated risks

Talking to kids about risks of alcohol consumption may help children to at least pause before they try consuming it or overdoing it. College students are more likely to experiment with alcohol during parties. Alcohol consumption in college students is a rising concern for authorities and parents as it can go out of control easily. Alcohol consumption during teen years can also cause problems of missing classes and it can have an adverse affect on their academic performance.

Talk to your kids freely about risks such as injuries and overdose. Do not hold back when telling them about risks of binge drinking such as poisoning and serious damage to health.

It is incumbent upon parents to keep the communication lines open and make their children aware about all the problems they can face with alcohol consumption.



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