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Employing Colors as Workplace Mood Enhancers

Employing Colors as Workplace Mood Enhancers
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    On a global scale, an average working time for the majority of people is between 6 and 10 hours a day.

    This means that we spend most of our daily time at our workplaces and the way our working environment is organized plays an important role on both our working mood and mood in general, that is how we feel going to and from work.


There are various means of improving it and employing colors as mood enhancers at a workplace is one of most effective ones.

What to focus on?

Walls are of primary concern since they cover the largest area. On the other hand, everything counts and all office items contribute to the workplace mood. Therefore, since the wall color is dominant it will dictate the color palette of the office elements. The entire environment needs to be compact and achieving a full color harmony is both the principal and the necessary goal in order to have a mood enhancing work environment.

Which color to choose?

Two people may be complete opposites when it comes to the choice of colors that enhance their individual mood. What this means is that there are no universal solutions that keep everyone pleased and you need to be absolutely positive about which color will be the best mood enhancer for you. Of course, certain modifications and nuancing are allowed and welcomed and very often they improve the overall positive effect. To help you decide, the following paragraphs will explain individual color’s effects in detail.


Red color screams dynamics and its primary effect is to boost it. Therefore, if you work in a workplace that requires dynamics in order to be fruitful, red should be strongly considered. Furthermore, it enhances communication and is very beneficial when it comes to promoting team work. Since it enhances friendliness as well, it should especially be taken into account for places such as meeting or conference rooms, where current and future plans and decisions are being made.


Blue is quite the opposite of red. It breathes calmness and relaxation and is said to lower both blood pressure and heart beat rate. Therefore, if you need a serene and calm working environment, a setting that enhances concentration and intellectual work blue is the perfect choice, tell us the guys at Supply & Apply. However, you should avoid dark blue since its strong effect often evokes sadness. On the other hand, if you are in a funeral service business, dark blue would be a perfect choice.


The color of nature is a strong relaxer as well and is recommended for every living or working environment. Furthermore, the fact that it is very restful to the eye makes it a great color for all those people who work a lot in front of a computer screen or deal with plenty of printed documents regularly during their working day. Whether your will choose soft or strong palette depends solely on your preference, the entire green color scope is beneficial.


Being a combination of red and yellow, orange brings out the best of both worlds. A dose of red’s dynamics, combined with the energy of yellow results in a color that means both adventure and social communication. It also enhances optimism and improves motivation while its terracotta versions provide an additional calming effect.

Obviously, a proper workplace color combination provides the best foundation for a healthy working environment. Remember, start with being absolutely certain what your needs and preferences are and build a color setting that will enhance the required working mood.



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